Monday, February 27, 2012

R hearts K.... A BBQ Engagemant Party

Parties and get togethers are kind of a speciality for us, and we never miss the chance to make any occasion as special as we can! Case in point, in the midst of wedding planning Meagan's bridesmaid became engaged herself! Being the true event lover that she is, Meagan didn't hesitate to offer throwing a sweet little engagement party for the happy couple! A gathering of friends at a southern style BBQ was just the perfect soiree.

Meagan designed these invitations and did almost all of the work ...this paper craft designer is pretty proud of how great of a designer Meagan is turning out to be! She even used stickles to glitter the smoke rising from the grill! Isn't that image the cutest? Its an Imagine cut and is from Enjoy the seasons Imagine art cartridge.

Her party colors were Red, yellow and pink, and the couple announced that they have chosen vintage Americana for their wedding theme, I bet that is going to be gorgeous!

The party icon was a darling R {hearts} K that she injected throughout the party in many ways. These straw flags were cut using the Cricut craft room exclusive party picks and pennants digital content, and the Cricut expression. She stamped both sides...really?!!  can you tell she wanted this to be a memorable and wonderful day for them!!!???  *wink*

One of my favorite projects that she created were these super adorable beverage signs, they were tied to gallon dispenser jars with red polka dot ribbon...utterly smashing!

Of course what is a celebration without a banner? and this one is short enough to span a doorway, and still big enough to make a seriously smile inducing impact! too cute!

Eeeeekkkk...look at these lovely little cupcake picks! One of the biggest hits was a make your own cupcake buffet, and who doesn't love cupcakes...but cupcakes that you get to frost and decorate? That's a winning idea for any party!

I'm so impressed that Meagan jumped in to treat her friends to such a wonderful party, not that it is not like her to do that, because it totally is....even two weeks before her own wedding! Great job Meagan! Congratulations R & K we wish you all the best!

Any of these ideas can be altered to fit the style of party you are planning, just have fun and as always Happy creating~

Friday, February 24, 2012

Wearin' Of The Green

I am just so super thrilled that today is my first official post on the SRM stickers blog! And I rarely get the chance to share a scrappy page with you so I'm doubly excited! I'm still learning my way around the "layout block" so to speak, and feel very fortunate to have some of my pages published already! Eeeeeeekkkkkk don't you love  that cute sentiment sticker "wearin' of the green"? I totally created my LO around it!

The pot O' gold sticker inspired the focal point of the page, and that marvy stitched rainbow both cut using my Cricut Expression2. Can you tell I had fun with this? Being part Irish { my grandmother was all Irish} and was surely the one I inherited my green eyes, freckles and naturally strawberry blond hair from .......I just adore St. Patricks day and all of the fun little traditions that accompany it!

for lots more St. Patricks day inspiration head on over to the SRM stickers blog to check out all of today's shamrock-y goodness!

Happy creating!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Colorartz Airbrush Tutorial and A Giveaway!

Have you ever wanted to personalize your home or gifts, or make an ordinary item extraordinary? I can bet that you are going to love today's tutorial! Prepare yourself to be amazed and maybe even change your mind about the way you craft and decorate! {OK that is a lot to live up to...but really!}

This is a perfectly cute wire basket with a wonderful twill liner, its functional and attractive...but has no personality to speak of. I love baskets, buckets, bins, and barrels for containing clutter of all kinds, so this recent purchase seemed to be a pleasing enough catch-all for my guest room....but I knew it could be a showstopper in just a few minutes!

Now that is one gorgeous basket! What a huge difference, and it literally took minutes to achieve! Let me show you how!

In October I received a Colorartz starter kit just like this one, and was asked to make a project for the Cricut blog using the airbrush system and the new Cricut Stencil cartridge. I WAS TERRIFIED!!! I have never used any type of airbrush, and had no idea what I was doing. I opened the package and read the directions....I remember thinking wow this looks doable, really!! I can honestly say that this is the single most amazingly easy product ever! There was no learning curve, no failed attempts, just instant and fabulous satisfaction! In fact I made this product a permanent part of my craftroom supply arsenal. I can promise you that I would not ever tell you I love something unless I really do! And I DO!!!
Any cartridge cut can be used to make a stencil, but the Stencil cartridge was designed specifically to help you create a stencil you can love in the size you want or need. And thanks to Provocraft I have one that I will be gifting to one of you! Leave me a comment on this post with a way to contact you and you are entered to win. I will announce a winner March 1st.

Now lets get started!

Start by protecting your surface with cardboard, or paper, in this case my liner is already assembled so I placed a cardboard liner in between the layers of fabric.

Cut Cricut cuttables stencil material with a deep cut blade to desired size. Or use a stencil of your choice.Peel back stencil material liner and stick to surface to be painted, apply pressure to all edges to assure a stencil is firmly adhered to surface.

Now you are ready to use the colorartz airbrush system. Follow manufacturers instructions for assembling and opening.

Spray in short strokes similar to paint with a spray can, use caution not to spray over the edges of the stencil, or tape off areas where overspray may occur. You can spray a sheer coat or apply a heavier coat for total coverage. Here I have used Silver lining in a thin coat.

I immediately peeled away my stencil and wiped it with a paper towel and applied it to my second basket liner, just repeat the process. The stencil material will stay pretty sticky for several projects, and can be used many times, you can even save it to use on your papercrafting projects! The paint dries very quickly and there is no need to heat I spent no more than 30 minutes from cutting the stencil to having my baskets on the shelf in the guest room! Now that IS amazing!

Home decor, gift bags, clothing, paper crafts...and so much more! Trust me whatever your skill level you can do this!!! You are sure to add the colorartz airbrush system to your craft room "must always have on hand" list too!
 Don't forget to leave a comment below to enter the Stencil cartridge giveaway.I would love to hear what you think of this project, and crafting in general!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chair flair

For Meagan's shower I thought it would be a nice touch to reserve a chair for the bride to be ,and the two bridesmaids. I found these gorgeous metal hearts at Michael's craft store and embellished them with a sparkly tag.

The new Bridesmaid Cricut cartridge has an adorable tag with the phrase "Bride 2 be" and I used one of the fonts on one of my random cartridges to spell out the word bridesmaid in pink, and coated the whole sha-bang in coarse glitter! {Love} The girls really loved their ahem...seats of honor and the fact that it was a special little gift from me to take home.Being a bridesmaid is such an important role in the wedding and I wanted to let them know that they are appreciated!

If you are planning a shower of any kind, or a party where the guest of honor will be seated in a specific seat give this project a go! Its almost like a little trophy to keep and enjoy as well as function as a gorgeous way to reserve a chair! I'm calling it "chair flair"  *wink*

Friday, February 17, 2012

Practice Bouquet

There is an old tradition of gathering the bows, ribbons,tissues and such from her shower gifts to create a practice bouquet for the day of the ceremony rehearsal. The idea is for the bride to have a bouquet to march down the aisle and pass off to her attendant, so she is prepared for the real thing. I love this idea, and decided to take the concept and create a pretty base for which to attach her bows.

The practice bouquet is gorgeous all on its own, and was made with a few simple items. I picked up this moss covered ball from the craft store, the base of the handle is the cardboard core from a roll of plastic wrap, covered with branches snipped off of one of our trees. I wrapped a small piece of burlap around the handle and tied a satin ribbon in a simple knot.

Simple, pretty, and sure to be a treasured part of her wedding......well the wedding rehearsal anyways!

Covered with with amazingly beautiful gift ties, ribbons, flowers cut from gift bags and bows her practice bouquet will be a one of a kind memento, just like every brides will be!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Meagan Loves Nate Shower Banner

Nothing punctuates a party or celebration quite like a festive banner! This lacy pink and white confection welcomed guests and served as a backdrop for the bride to be. Letters cut with the Cricut are pink with a green shadow layer, and are popped up with foam tape.
  I edged each banner pennant with white lace that I  had leftover from an Easter dress I made for her when she was 7..... can you believe I have held on to that lace for so long?  I'm sure you can imagine there was a wee bit of sentimental value in that pretty length of white scallops!

The "center" pennant features the word loves and a darker shade of pink lettering to make it stand out in the crowd! Each section has 3 pearls at the point and a sweet little paper doily folded over the top, thus continuing the nod at our Bridal tea theme.

Banners can be as simple or as elaborate as you want them to be, I bet you will even have time to whip one up for Valentines day tomorrow! Every celebration can only be made more fabulous with a banner, and certainly more memorable! Meagan has a wonderful keepsake to hang this Valentines, anniversary ,and all year through if she would like...and why not? After all Meagan loves Nate!!!
Happy creating~

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Gradient Hearts

How about a quick and easy Valentine? I had this vision of gradient hearts ascending a tall card. The end result is very different from the card I had dreamed up...but isn't that usually the case? Reality rarely follows the instruction of imagination! Even so, I love it still.....I adore red and pink all cozied up together, like peas and carrots!

 I especially like this card for its quick assembly, and use of scrappy bits of paper. I used 3 heart punches and and several shades of red, pink and a few bitty white hearts to top it off! Lovin' the red cord brad, reminds me of velvet covered chocolate boxes, so dreamy!

This sentiment heart was in a package of die cuts I picked up recently from K&co, super cute! I had to add a little glitter...just a little! ;D  I hope you like this sweet little Valentine, now if you could help me decide who to send it to! *giggle*
{Love love}  happy creating~

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bridal Bingo Game

Last spring I ran a sort of trial run of designing my own bingo game for the bridal shower, I knew that most of the pre-printed games would not have the right "feel" for Meagan's shower. I designed the grid using my gypsy and the chore chart cartridge and made a few samples.Seemed simple enough......

A few samples and 20 actual game boards are two very different things!! It took me days to finish them all, each  individual letter glued into place, and each word cut and taped to the board...they were a true labor of love......and in the end they were quite lovely. Meagan packaged candy hearts in wax bags to use as bingo markers, and everyone enjoyed the game.

Look how beautiful the game cards look on our table. I knew all that work would be worth it....until someone shouted "bingo" when just the 5th word was called out!!! *giggle* and in just 3 short minutes the game was done....
and my daughters both laughed at me .....
our own little private joke.......
its a moment, a memory that brings happy tears.....
that was worth it all, I wouldn't change a thing!

I just loved all of the pretty cups and saucers at the tea room, this one reminded me of the tea parties the girls and I would have when they were little girls. We would have strawberries, ice tea in our fine china, little cupcakes, and I would let them choose their grandmothers linens to grace the table. Chelsea would ask for me to play "dancing music" and Meagan would speak in her best princess accent...and we would all giggle too much to actually eat anything! Those were good times......

and now we have these new good times...... new memories to giggle about, and I feel so blessed!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Gift Table Decor {and a winner!}

This past Saturday was my daughters Bridal tea......nothing makes a wedding feel more "real" than the beginning of the festivities that start the countdown! {insert panicked mothers face here} :D   I have been to many, many bridal showers and this one was probably the most fun ever!  {no.... not because I hosted it} it was entirely due to the amazing ladies who attended, and the wonderful attentive staff at the Dickens tea room. An English tea, with all the charm and beauty of a day with royalty....add to that a few fun games, and silly antics, well now you have a party!

 I wanted to share a few individual items with you
 before I show you the whole shower, some of the projects are worthy of a highlighted post, and may get lost in a sea of gorgeous photos! One such item is this wooden sign I embellished for the gift table. I found a wood cutout at Michael's, enrobed it in pink paint, and with my Cricut cut out a few blooms using the flower shoppe cartridge.

I'm just thrilled with the way this sign turned out, it looked fabulous in the tea room and guests knew where to park the gifts before they sat for tea and cucumber cream cheese sandwiches. The flower centers are adorned with coarse glitter and little stamen decorations by Wilton {found in the cake decorating section} I recommend hot glue to affix the flowers to the sign, they are big, and a little wouldn't want a flower jumping ship in the midst of your soiree!

Me and my sweet girlies! I can't wait to show you more of the shower but before I do that...........

How about a cartridge winner!

The winner of the Robot party cartridge and gypsy sleeve is:

Happy Birthday and good luck with everything for your daughter's wedding. I love the sophistication and whimsy of your work.

La-Vie B.

Congratulations!!!!!  I look forward to seeing what you do with your new cartridge!!!!