Thursday, January 12, 2012

She is young and sweet only Seventeen

My beautiful daughter is seventeen! Happy Birthday Chelsea! I hope today is one she will remember always. She requested the song dancing queen by ABBA to be her wake up call this Friday the 13th instead of the usual beep...beep...beep of the alarm clock, what a great choice! Her favorite color is...."clear" {did I mention she is quirky and her own brand of awesome?} So my challenge was to make a clear card that used no papers, I chose to emboss the front of my acetate card with a birthday sentiment and sponge a little wisp of white ink along the edges.This card was designed using the Cricut Craft Room and cut with the Expression 2 If anyone out there would like the file, just leave me a note and I will post it or send it to you!

I single candle and a make a wish sentiment flag provide just enough embellishment to make the card even more special but not take a way from the fun "clearness" of it all *giggle* Its sad that seventeen kind of gets overshadowed sandwiched between the hubabaloo of sweet sixteen, and the fan fair of eighteen. I really want to make the day and the year memorable. If you are looking for creative and easy ideas for your seventeen {or future seventeen} year old dancing queen {or king} here are a few that I put together for Chelsea.

Start the day with 17 kisses, how sweet is that? Its super affordable, and its a fast yet sentimental gift or party favor.{ and its in a clear container} :D

I had this tag leftover from a previous project and it was perfect for adding stickers to....really quick!

Of course now you need seventeen hugs to end the day, a little midnight snack perhaps! I have to give credit for this fabulous idea to my friend Debbie.{thanks Debbie}  I'm sure you will come up with all sorts of container ideas for this adorable little gift!

Seventeen roses and their unmistakable scent will fill her room for days. She adores flowers, but I ask you what girl doesn't? If you have a teen boy try 17 cookies or a lollipop bouquet.

What would be any more perfect than a subscription to seventeen magazine? This was one of my favorites, and I'm so excited that its still around for her to enjoy!

I picked up a copy of the movie 17 again, she will love this corny nod to her new seventeen year old status! Of all of her gifts I'm pretty sure this will be the one that makes her laugh! 

I ordered these knowing that they are 3 ft tall...but not really thinking about just how HUGE that really is, and I had a grand time shoving them in the back of my Yukon....I'm pretty sure I caught the sound of laughter from a couple walking past me as they watched a 5foot 4 inch woman wrestle the number 17 into submission! hahaha

Of course a seventeen year old can now go to a rated R movie, one of the joys of growing not needing your mom to buy your ticket! A movie gift card is always a winner, but especially at 17!

 Seventeen...ahhhh so much still ahead of you! May you forever be a dancing queen! Happy Birthday Chelsea...I love you forever!


Ohhh Snap said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate being 17. Those are some big balloons :D. Happy Birthday Chelsea!

Deneen said...

So fun celebrating 17. Happy Birthday Chelsea!

Lora said...

You are just so amazingly creative! Ryan just turned 17 in September, and I cannot remember what we did :/
I hope Chelsea has a wonderful 17th birthday!!!

JennyKozar said...

These are all so beautiful and special! You are a fantastic mom!!!

Anonymous said...

Shantaie! You are THE COOLEST!!!! Have fun with Chels! Cheers! Shan