Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Monogram Doily Tutorial

Adding a personal touch to your projects, gourmet food gifts, and letters has an opulent, unforgettable impact.I love monogrammed items I have as long as I can remember, they are classic and charming. Although they were once reserved for only royalty and the wealthy a raised monogram is now just as attainable as chocolate or coffee!

First things first: you will need a handful of paper doilies, these are sold in packs of 12 and are from the Martha Stewart crafts collection, if you have a Cricut you can cut them yourself {there are several cartridges that contain lacy images} 

You will also need a Cuttlebug, the all in one 6x9 folder, and the Cuttlebug all in one embossing set, the letter "F" that I used here is from the songbird set.

Place letter {or letters} of your choice into grid platform where desired, for this project placement is not important as long as the entire doily will fit onto surface.

 Place doily in between the clear upper letter and green lower letter piece of embossing plate, and run through the cuttlebug using both B plates {one on top one on bottom} even if if feels "loose" it will emboss, don't worry! 

The doily may appear to be slightly wrinkled when you first open the all in one platform, but that will smooth right out when you attach it to your project. I made 30 of these in a matter of minutes, and all of them are just as perfect and beautiful as a vintage hand embroidered one! You will be thrilled with them I'm sure!

This is a cost effective way to add your initials, or a sweet little image to a doily. Have fun with it, and as always happy creating!


Court said...


Sis Patterson said...

Great idea - practical and pretty!

Scrapper said...

Awesome, you are the greatest!

Ruth said...

I have to admit that a lot of what you make is a little too much for my taste. But I continue to follow the blog, because what you do also intrigues me and I can always be inspired without replicating everything. I was so inspired by this post that I've already logged on to the Cricut website and ordered this all-in-one set.

Thank you!