Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Home is where you hang your heart

What else can give you the warm and fuzzies like the familiar icon of love -the simple heart?! It's a shape that can say a thousand words, and they all lead to"love"  Now add a coat of mica flakes, bits of lace, and a smattering of buttons and you have a sweet Valentine to greet everyone who enters your home.

I picked up this paper heart at my local craft store for the ginormous sum of one dollar! I painted the heart a pale lavander and used Martha Stewart glittering glue to coat the heart and sprinkled Stampin' Up! mica flakes over the entire heart. {this was a sticky -shimmery mess} but so fun to make!

I tucked a few paper hearts in between buttons, and gems, added a flag shaped sentiment stamped in plum ink. A few pearls, some twine and a hand dyed crochet flower and its ready to hang! I have the perfect spot for this 3D valentine in my living room, and its sure to stand out because it is the one and only purple thing in my home! I really like how it turned out, and I may just display it all year long!

Happy creating out there! Talk to you soon~


Sis Patterson said...

Simply glittery gorgeousness. I can see it hanging year round too! Love the blog post title - an all around winner!

Deneen said...

OMGosh....This is absolutely gorgeous!! I would want to display this year round too.

wooden coat hangers said...

Gorgeous looks!