Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Diary Of A Brides Mother

When my oldest daughter got engaged a year ago, my fairytale thinking was ...." we have a whole year and a month to plan" but you can't imagine how fast that year slips through your fingers until you are planning a wedding. As the {crafty} mother of the bride I knew my role would be significant in a mostly DIY wedding, what I didn't know was just how significantly it would consume my ....well .....my everything. My time, my energy, my creativity, my resources, and my bank account!

A wedding is all encompassing, every tiny detail must be planned. We have hit what our family is dubbing " there is no later" crunch time. Each day something must be checked off the list. This is both exciting and nerve wrecking....I sway between laughter and tears daily! Thank goodness for caffeine and chocolate!
There are moments that I want to absorb every bit of it and hold on to it as long as I can...... when Meagan and I are working on mass produced projects together in my craft room, chatting and laughing all day, seeing her in "THE dress" and knowing even before she did that it would be the one! Meeting the pastry chef that will make the most important cake in my daughters life. Then there are times when I look forward to the day after the wedding when I can say "its over" Honestly I have no idea how I will feel when it is over....only time will tell.

This Saturday is the bridal shower...and yes I am throwing that too, I have games to plan, prizes to buy and package, a banner to make, and oh yes I still don't have a dress to wear...

 If you are the Mother of the bride...have ever been the mother of the bride, or the bride to be, my hats off to you! Unless you walk a mile in her shoes before the walk down the aisle, you can't even imagine how wobbly the steps can be! I'm blindly navigating my way through uncharted territory as I did not have a wedding myself, it can be {at times} the most joyful occasion and wonderful process. I hope to give my daughter and future son in law the day they are dreaming of, a day they will always remember as being one of the best days of all time.

 Can you believe it? I'm going to be a Mother in law??? yikes! Now there is a role I haven't prepared for! *giggle*


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Deneen said...

Whatever you do will be beautiful. I know how nerve racking a wedding can be. Good luck with the planning and best wishes to the bride and groom.

Toni said...

wow your life sounds just like mine! i really like the bridal favor idea, but right now our biggest hurdle is that our beautiful daughter has three of her five brothers in active duty military (2-Airforce, 1-Navy) and we got a call last night that one of them is being deployed two weeks BEFORE here wedding. She has been planning ever single touch and now she is set on moving everthing to make sure he will be here for her. This is also her last semester in college, and Mardi Gras & Easter are already on the calendar so there is limited dates left. So its nice to read what you wrote about walking the miles in someones shoes. I will have to post a pic of some of her things we have done. . . she is a die hard PINK to the CORE girly girl! Good Luck with your wedding too!