Monday, January 23, 2012

Antique Affections

Last week Meagan and I loaded up the truck with a cart, put on our walking shoes and hit the antique extravaganza in Mt. Dora Florida. We shopped, we talked, we oooohhhhhed and ahhhhhhhed over vintage jewelry, stacks of bowls, and massive collections of furniture.

 We happened along a vendor that really has an eye for detail and a wimsical uplifting sense of style. At fisrt glance you may mistake it for a hodgepodgery of items, but a closer look reveals vignettes of carefuly and cleverly selected items. Chosen for their beauty, charm and nostalgia.
 She allowed me to snap a few pictures,but I could have spent hours discovering alcoves of hidden treasures.The name of her business is Zen Cowgirl, but if you ask me she is more glitter girl than cowgirl! A sweet girl with a big smile and a beautiful booth of wares, that was unlike anything else at the extravaganza.

I was so inspired to decorate for valentines day! I can't wait to break out the heart shaped doilies and make a few glittered hearts! What ever you do today, make it happy! Talk to you soon!


mspatty said...

A big thank you from Zen Cowgirl. I had so much joy working on the booth this month. Glad to have found you! The photos are lovely. Also I can't wait to read of all your new adventures and inspirations on your lovely blog!

Chelle said...

Adorable stuff!!!! I enjoyed this lil excursion w/ you thru Zen Cowgirls booth. TFS!!