Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Diary Of A Brides Mother

When my oldest daughter got engaged a year ago, my fairytale thinking was ...." we have a whole year and a month to plan" but you can't imagine how fast that year slips through your fingers until you are planning a wedding. As the {crafty} mother of the bride I knew my role would be significant in a mostly DIY wedding, what I didn't know was just how significantly it would consume my ....well .....my everything. My time, my energy, my creativity, my resources, and my bank account!

A wedding is all encompassing, every tiny detail must be planned. We have hit what our family is dubbing " there is no later" crunch time. Each day something must be checked off the list. This is both exciting and nerve wrecking....I sway between laughter and tears daily! Thank goodness for caffeine and chocolate!
There are moments that I want to absorb every bit of it and hold on to it as long as I can...... when Meagan and I are working on mass produced projects together in my craft room, chatting and laughing all day, seeing her in "THE dress" and knowing even before she did that it would be the one! Meeting the pastry chef that will make the most important cake in my daughters life. Then there are times when I look forward to the day after the wedding when I can say "its over" Honestly I have no idea how I will feel when it is over....only time will tell.

This Saturday is the bridal shower...and yes I am throwing that too, I have games to plan, prizes to buy and package, a banner to make, and oh yes I still don't have a dress to wear...

 If you are the Mother of the bride...have ever been the mother of the bride, or the bride to be, my hats off to you! Unless you walk a mile in her shoes before the walk down the aisle, you can't even imagine how wobbly the steps can be! I'm blindly navigating my way through uncharted territory as I did not have a wedding myself, it can be {at times} the most joyful occasion and wonderful process. I hope to give my daughter and future son in law the day they are dreaming of, a day they will always remember as being one of the best days of all time.

 Can you believe it? I'm going to be a Mother in law??? yikes! Now there is a role I haven't prepared for! *giggle*

Friday, January 27, 2012

Bridal Tea Shower Favors

I thought I would share one of the projects that I have been working on for Meagan's bridal shower tea. This was really a collaboration of efforts. Meagan came up with the idea of the wax bag, and the sweet vintage sugar spoons, she also picked up these pretty printed tags at Michael's Several yards of ribbon and a few tea bags later we ended up with these gorgeous favors for her guests.

These took a little bit of time to assemble, but once we got chatting, and working an assembly line...poof!  They were done! I have no way to express the joy in my heart that sharing my craftiness with my daughter has given me. It was so much fun to stamp, cut and repeat for such a happy occasion! And you know since she came up with this idea on her own...she may have a future in crafting after all!

If you plan to make a basket full of these for yourself, my best advice is to add a rectangle of cardstock just slightly smaller than the wax bag , placed inside of the bag for support { for both the ribbon and the spoon} otherwise the bag is just too "floppy" We inserted 3 flavors of tea,chosen more for their matching colors than anything else! :) we debated on adding pretty sugar cubes but decided to stick with tea.

The shower is being held at an adorable little English tea room, so we don't need a lot in the way of decorating, a saving grace for my busy schedule! I'm so pleased with the way these pretty favors turned out, and I'm sure the guests will be thrilled to receive such a useful, beautiful little thank you gift.

Happy creating~

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Special Delivery of love

I'm starting to feel a little "Valentine-y" ...I even made a list of Valentine projects I hope to work on in the next couple of weeks...pretty ambitious! {pats self on the back...as the brain is already laughing and saying good luck chick!} But hey this Valentines marks 24....count 'em twenty four years that Mr. Wonderful and I have been married! That gives me a whole year to plan for our big two-five! That has put me in a very "want to Valentine-ize everything in sight" frame of mind!

I love this circa 1934 collection by Cosmo Cricket, such yummy ,richly patterned papers! The little stamp is from Studio G and is colored with a copics, I used a teeny weeny love stamp from Stampin'Up! lots of love all stamped in a row. Now I think I will go paint my toenails in glossy red...or maybe I will work on that project list! :D

Happy Creating~

Monday, January 23, 2012

A Little Get Well Soon Treat

Howdy! I have a totally Cricut created card for you today, its rare that I don't use at least one stamp on a project...but here it is! Bright colors and contemporary prints are almost the star of the show, but when you have chocolate involved ...lets face it, its always the winner! When I don't feel well chocolate is my best friend for sure! Who wouldn't love this little get well soon treat?!!!

 This chunky yellow glitter makes the center word pop, I love the phrases cartridge for its vast number of sayings, and the cool way the layers are designed.

I used the Cricut Craft Room to cut the card base, the circle opening for the treat cup {Stampin"Up!}  If you are a Cricut owner CCR is an amazing tool to get the most out of your Cricut! Its free, and easy to use...whats not to love?

 I have been working feverishly on my daughters upcoming wedding, plus all of my DT assignments, and running our small business...and managing the house....and....well you know! you all are crazy busy and have hectic lives too...so thanks for not deserting me when I don't post every day.... or get all loopy on you! It means a lot to me that you take the time to visit! big hugs ~ and as always happy creating!

Antique Affections

Last week Meagan and I loaded up the truck with a cart, put on our walking shoes and hit the antique extravaganza in Mt. Dora Florida. We shopped, we talked, we oooohhhhhed and ahhhhhhhed over vintage jewelry, stacks of bowls, and massive collections of furniture.

 We happened along a vendor that really has an eye for detail and a wimsical uplifting sense of style. At fisrt glance you may mistake it for a hodgepodgery of items, but a closer look reveals vignettes of carefuly and cleverly selected items. Chosen for their beauty, charm and nostalgia.
 She allowed me to snap a few pictures,but I could have spent hours discovering alcoves of hidden treasures.The name of her business is Zen Cowgirl, but if you ask me she is more glitter girl than cowgirl! A sweet girl with a big smile and a beautiful booth of wares, that was unlike anything else at the extravaganza.

I was so inspired to decorate for valentines day! I can't wait to break out the heart shaped doilies and make a few glittered hearts! What ever you do today, make it happy! Talk to you soon!

Friday, January 20, 2012

You Really are Fabulous

Yesterday A long list of yummy new Cricut cartridges were released, along with dozens of inspirational samples on the official Cricut blog. I was lucky enough to get to work with one of them this go round. My Quiet book is a fun cartridge filled with shapes, and faces, and cuts that are perfect for a children's book or room decor. Of course I had to challenge myself to see if I could use this cartridge in a non- childish way, and this is the end result. A hip nerdy girl, and a fun card!  

 Hop on over and soak up all of the goodness, and if you are a Cricut circle member there is even MORE on the Circle blog! yeah!! Want to sign up to be a Cricut circle member? Here is where you need to go to get all circled in! 

I want you to know that you really are fabulous, thank you for the touching emails and uplifting comments, I love being connected to you! 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Monogram Doily Tutorial

Adding a personal touch to your projects, gourmet food gifts, and letters has an opulent, unforgettable impact.I love monogrammed items I have as long as I can remember, they are classic and charming. Although they were once reserved for only royalty and the wealthy a raised monogram is now just as attainable as chocolate or coffee!

First things first: you will need a handful of paper doilies, these are sold in packs of 12 and are from the Martha Stewart crafts collection, if you have a Cricut you can cut them yourself {there are several cartridges that contain lacy images} 

You will also need a Cuttlebug, the all in one 6x9 folder, and the Cuttlebug all in one embossing set, the letter "F" that I used here is from the songbird set.

Place letter {or letters} of your choice into grid platform where desired, for this project placement is not important as long as the entire doily will fit onto surface.

 Place doily in between the clear upper letter and green lower letter piece of embossing plate, and run through the cuttlebug using both B plates {one on top one on bottom} even if if feels "loose" it will emboss, don't worry! 

The doily may appear to be slightly wrinkled when you first open the all in one platform, but that will smooth right out when you attach it to your project. I made 30 of these in a matter of minutes, and all of them are just as perfect and beautiful as a vintage hand embroidered one! You will be thrilled with them I'm sure!

This is a cost effective way to add your initials, or a sweet little image to a doily. Have fun with it, and as always happy creating!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Yippee- I have fun news to share!

Happy Monday to you all! Its a very happy day for me indeed, because today is the day that the 2012 SRM design team has been announced....and yipeee!!!!!!  my name is on that list! I am over the rainbow to be working with such a great company especially because I love {LOOOOOOVE} SRM products!

 There is nothing better than working with goodies that you really believe in, and already love! Did I say woot woot yet? No? Wooot woooot!!!!

Thanks for letting me gush in excitment,you are so good to me! Be sure to visit all of the new SRM sticker design team members, you are sure to see familiar names, and discover new blogs that are destined to be on your favorites list!

Happy Creating~ Shantaie

Thursday, January 12, 2012

She is young and sweet only Seventeen

My beautiful daughter is seventeen! Happy Birthday Chelsea! I hope today is one she will remember always. She requested the song dancing queen by ABBA to be her wake up call this Friday the 13th instead of the usual beep...beep...beep of the alarm clock, what a great choice! Her favorite color is...."clear" {did I mention she is quirky and her own brand of awesome?} So my challenge was to make a clear card that used no papers, I chose to emboss the front of my acetate card with a birthday sentiment and sponge a little wisp of white ink along the edges.This card was designed using the Cricut Craft Room and cut with the Expression 2 If anyone out there would like the file, just leave me a note and I will post it or send it to you!

I single candle and a make a wish sentiment flag provide just enough embellishment to make the card even more special but not take a way from the fun "clearness" of it all *giggle* Its sad that seventeen kind of gets overshadowed sandwiched between the hubabaloo of sweet sixteen, and the fan fair of eighteen. I really want to make the day and the year memorable. If you are looking for creative and easy ideas for your seventeen {or future seventeen} year old dancing queen {or king} here are a few that I put together for Chelsea.

Start the day with 17 kisses, how sweet is that? Its super affordable, and its a fast yet sentimental gift or party favor.{ and its in a clear container} :D

I had this tag leftover from a previous project and it was perfect for adding stickers to....really quick!

Of course now you need seventeen hugs to end the day, a little midnight snack perhaps! I have to give credit for this fabulous idea to my friend Debbie.{thanks Debbie}  I'm sure you will come up with all sorts of container ideas for this adorable little gift!

Seventeen roses and their unmistakable scent will fill her room for days. She adores flowers, but I ask you what girl doesn't? If you have a teen boy try 17 cookies or a lollipop bouquet.

What would be any more perfect than a subscription to seventeen magazine? This was one of my favorites, and I'm so excited that its still around for her to enjoy!

I picked up a copy of the movie 17 again, she will love this corny nod to her new seventeen year old status! Of all of her gifts I'm pretty sure this will be the one that makes her laugh! 

I ordered these knowing that they are 3 ft tall...but not really thinking about just how HUGE that really is, and I had a grand time shoving them in the back of my Yukon....I'm pretty sure I caught the sound of laughter from a couple walking past me as they watched a 5foot 4 inch woman wrestle the number 17 into submission! hahaha

Of course a seventeen year old can now go to a rated R movie, one of the joys of growing up..is not needing your mom to buy your ticket! A movie gift card is always a winner, but especially at 17!

 Seventeen...ahhhh so much still ahead of you! May you forever be a dancing queen! Happy Birthday Chelsea...I love you forever!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Home is where you hang your heart

What else can give you the warm and fuzzies like the familiar icon of love -the simple heart?! It's a shape that can say a thousand words, and they all lead to"love"  Now add a coat of mica flakes, bits of lace, and a smattering of buttons and you have a sweet Valentine to greet everyone who enters your home.

I picked up this paper heart at my local craft store for the ginormous sum of one dollar! I painted the heart a pale lavander and used Martha Stewart glittering glue to coat the heart and sprinkled Stampin' Up! mica flakes over the entire heart. {this was a sticky -shimmery mess} but so fun to make!

I tucked a few paper hearts in between buttons, and gems, added a flag shaped sentiment stamped in plum ink. A few pearls, some twine and a hand dyed crochet flower and its ready to hang! I have the perfect spot for this 3D valentine in my living room, and its sure to stand out because it is the one and only purple thing in my home! I really like how it turned out, and I may just display it all year long!

Happy creating out there! Talk to you soon~

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Measure Of Love

As a crafty girl, I truly appreciate the fact that I can create things my own way....say a blue and gray valentine for example! I'm not ready just yet for the velvet red hearts, and cupids arrows.I give you permission to break as many holiday color rules as you wish, its actually a little fun !
  There is so much going on in my little world right now...... the Wedding planning, Chella turning 17 this Friday,work, and tons of projects due...I need a little dose of calmness to sooth my frazzled senses.

These serene shades and a spritz of lavender home spray in my craft room have done a world of good! I feel incredibly blessed to have so much activity and happiness in my life, but I do get overwhelmed at times!

I used a Gray Stampin' Up! marker and the spritz tool to create this slight spray of gray mist on selected areas of the card. I think it makes the sentiments look less stark and a bit aged.

It was love at first sight when I found this measuring tape twill ribbon...it was hard to cut it ,but I was brave and snipped off several inches to make a bow! No point saving it, after all despite it's fabulous-ishness it didn't make my ribbon drawer look any prettier!

I know you are dying to know who won the Imagine Christmas Wish cartridge giveaway sponsored by provocraft from last week, so I will stop gabbing and tell you......
The Winner is:
jcinokc said...
Love that card. The papers are so pretty. I don't have that cartridge yet. Thanks for the chance to win it!
CONGRATULATIONS!!!  jcinokc!!! I know you are going to love the Christmas Wish cartridge!!!

The other little fun announcement is a new addition to InkingPink called "thinking Pink" and is on the right hand sidebar at the top of the page, I will be featuring a thought, quote or tip of the day.So each day stop in and see what is new...my goal is to keep it fresh, fun, {or funny}, and informative or maybe a little inspirational. This is an idea a friend asked me to start doing almost a year ago, and I'm finally ready to give it a try, what do you think?