Monday, December 5, 2011

Paper Garland Tutorial

There is something so pretty about a simple paper garland. Timeless, charming, and festive, and quite easy to make! Gather a few supplies and make one for yourself or as a gift! Select the papers you want to use, I chose shades of pink, red, green blue and white. Try a vintage combination of newsprint, paper bags, and magazine pages mixed with silver and blue or pink! {I just talked myself into making another garland!} *wink*  For my garland I went with circles in various sizes, of course you can use just about any shape you like, the construction will be the same regardless of shape or size.

If you desire a specific color pattern, lay out your pieces and stack them in the order you want them to appear along the garland. Choose a straight stitch on your sewing machine and with an all purpose thread and stitch length of 2 or 2.5 just sew down the center of your circle, allow a few stitches between pieces of paper as shown below, I randomly picked up the circles, and allowed varied lengths of space between them, I didn't need the spacing to be perfect. {you know how I feel about perfection} Not in my vocabulary!

You can also try a zig zag stitch, but that uses quite a bit more thread. Spice it up with a metallic thread or add rhinestones to your garland, or tie ribbons between images for a little frill, just have fun with it!

I love the classic and whimsical look of this garland, it reminds me of a simpler time, when all decorations were handmade! Hey I may even string some cranberries this year! {I'm much more likely to cook them than string them truth be told!}

Here I have hung the garland across a double doorway, but its the perfect size for a Christmas tree! Try making smaller sections for wrapping around a gift, or stringing from the ceiling!

Are you convinced yet that this simple project should be on your "to do" list?  If you do make one I would love to see it! put a link to your photo in the comment field, or shoot me an email frougirl3 
 As always happy creating~

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Carole P said...

What a simple but fun project! I would love to try this sometime....not sure if it will be this year though. Too many projects on my to do list already. TFS!

Court said...

I just NEED a sewing machine!!! This is such a cute project!

Sis Patterson said...

It's totally terrific, Shantaie. Love it - the varying sizes and colors are so perfect! I'm not sure I'd ever come up with this idea - thanks for sharing!