Saturday, December 24, 2011


In the midst of standing in lines to buy gifts, wrapping packages, mailing cards, and engaging in the general hustle and bustle of the Holidays my family has taken out some time this past week to enjoy something that says Christmas to us each day. Like taking a drive to Christmas Florida for lunch, and a visit to jungle adventures. Maybe a tour through an alligator swamp and zoo is not on your Christmas outings list, but it was a great day!

It was a sun in your eyes, squint at the camera kind of day! *giggle* It was a fun adventure, the kind with no plans, no schedule, and no clocks! We took over 250 photos and laughed even more than usual! I treasure such a rare and magical occasion. I know these days are the glue that bonds our family and gets us through the hard times.

The following day Mr. Wonderful surprised me with a trip to see the 2 story gingerbread house at the grand Floridian Disney resort. You could smell the aroma of sugar and ginger the moment you walked into the lobby, and let me tell you this house was impressive!

I'm thinking Disney magic needs to be listed as the first ingredient!

The cookie shingles were my favorite detail on this massive Maison, each one so perfect and golden brown! Yummolicious!

This is the view of the cottage from the second floor, we were in awe! The best part of this outing is that it was free to go in and enjoy! And enjoy we did!


Deneen said...

Wow! How incredible...would love to be able to see that some time. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

JustJules said...

This is one of my go to Disneyworld during Christmas! It looks so magical! So very glad that you got to experience this and build family memories!! Merry Christmas


Sara Andrews said...

We just got back Thursday from Disney where we stayed at the Grand Floridian! Our room was just opposite of the gingerbread house. Between the house, the decorations and music it was truly magical!

Cindy said...

How cool is that Giant Gingerbread Mansion! Love it! Thanks for sharing this!!