Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lights are Shining Brightly

When the girls were younger, we would all pile in the land cruiser and drive around looking at the Holiday lights, sing our favorite Christmas songs and stop for a hot chocolate. These days we take a drive down to Hollywood Studios and bask in the radiant beauty of the Osborne famliys' display. We share this joy not only with each other, but with hundreds of other awe stricken light show lovers all around us.

This display is truly magical, and even though we are surrounded by strangers all snapping photos, and singing carols I am transported back in time. As a little girl I would sit in front of the tree, multicolored lights blinking on and off, and to my fathers dismay never all at the same time! :) Silver strands of icicles glimmering, and a few wrapped gifts under the tree. I could spend endless amounts of time sitting and looking at those lights, and when we are strolling through this light show I remember just how much I loved those wintry Christmas nights.

The lights change color and "dance" with the music, the songs change from fast to slow and the lights follow suit.

This snowflake is so pretty and a row of them decorate a fountain in the street center.

sparkle and shine!

This is a ceiling of lights along a walkway, its one of the most gorgeous areas of the display!

Now that is what I call traveling light! *snort*

I never miss a chance to show off my goofy side, it comes naturally! But how could you not feel giddy when encircled by all that humming electricity and falling "snow" ?!!!!!

Santa and his sleigh, my favorite!!!

Peace on Earth, peace and joy, that's a wish I wish for this Holiday season. I hope that you slow down in the midst of all of the "go go go", and rush of the season to take time to enjoy the things that matter to you most. Watch those Rudolf specials, bake a few cookies with the kids, and drive around to see the lights, let the magic of Christmas fill your hearts.

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Lynn B. said...

My kids were at Disney with their dad yesterday. They went to Magic Kingdom (I forgot the lights were there). I may have to take the kids back and go check them out. Thanks for sharing the pictures.