Monday, December 12, 2011

If Walls Could Talk

Well actually they can! With Cricut cuttables vinyl and a quick how to tutorial you can turn your walls into a message for all to see!

To get started, plan on the size and color you want to put onto your surface. The hardest part of the project is deciding what you want to say! there are so many possibilities! For this project I chose raven vinyl cut at 11" for this you will need a 12x24 mat and a 24" piece of vinyl. Cut your phrase using the instructions in the vinyl package or use the kiss cut on your Expression 2. After you cut is complete, peel away the negative portion of the vinyl leaving the cut and paper backing on the mat.

Apply transfer tape over entire cut, and burnish with the wooden stick or a credit card. Its very important that the entire image is burnished to the transfer tape as this is what you will use to apply the phrase to the wall or other surface.

Now that the transfer tape is properly adhered to the phrase, slowly peel the transfer tape off of the mat leaving vinyl paper backing on the mat. Carefully apply image to the wall, and begin burnishing image with stick. When image is securely adhered to wall, peel away transfer tape slowly. If you have any area that is not adhering to the wall, simply burnish a little more and peel transfer tape away again.

When the cut is completely attached to the wall it will have a "milky" look under the transfer tape.

Now you have a statement that will greet all who walk in the front door...or through the chimney too!

I chose the phrase winter wonderland from Winter frolic because its my youngest daughters favorite song, when she was three I read a book to her over and over again,that included the lyrics. She knew every word of the song and would sing along in the car at the top of her little lungs! Oh how quickly that song became my favorite too, and its a special little bond between the two of us. I know that someday all too soon she will be off to collage, and I will be in the car alone, singing as loud as can be smiling at those fond memories! For now I will cherish each and every moment she is still at home!

I made these stockings about 5 years ago, and even though Meagan now has a home of her own, she will get a stocking full of goodies from Santa here!

I hope you will give your walls the chance to say something new! If its your first time using vinyl, don't be scared, its easy, just take your time and follow the instructions! You will be hooked on a new way to express yourself!
Happy Creating!

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Unknown said...

Wow!!! What a fabulous tutorial, I may just give this a try :)