Monday, December 26, 2011

Cleaning it all up

The gifts have all been opened,the smiles of our loved ones have been captured in our hearts and for most of us in digital memory.  The aroma of holiday dinners are only memories,{except to our waistlines}  and cookie crumbles on empty cake plates are all that remain of the baking marathons......ahhhh how I love Christmas, but now......... it is time to clean up! Time to pack away our precious Christmas mementos, the glass baubles, and glittered snowflakes. Time to carefully wrap up each ornament made by the tiny fingers of children with big hearts and big dreams. Lets not forget it is also time to box up our 50% off wrapping and tissue paper that we fought down the aisle to get to and stood in that long line to buy.......or was that just me? *giggle*. Yes it's time to tuck away strands of lights and tinsel, and Santa adorned linens.
..........This time of year also brings forth a different kind of feeling of needing to clean up. Not just the tidying up of my home, but of loose ends, stray thoughts and long forgotten ideas. .

It's time to think about cleaning up my bad eating habits, and goodness knows my friendships could use a little polishing up..... they have been far too neglected as of late! Maybe like cobwebs its time to clear away the fear that stops me from pursuing all of my wildest dreams.

Time to soak in happiness, relax, and renew!

A clean slate, to get the ball rolling! Time for stripping away doubt, and jumping in with both feet!

Its get my hands dirty, to work on things that matter to me!

Its time to clear a path for a new year, a new unwritten journey of creativity, hope and adventure. Imagine the possibilities that lie before me, and to know that real life is messy and no matter what kind of mess I make, I can always clean it up................


Anonymous said...

Thank You for sharing your personal thoughts and ideas which are guiding you into the New Year and possibly a new path. It only takes 28 days to "clean up" a habit you wish to change. That means if you start now than by your Birthday you will have the best Birthday gift one could attain for them self. Personally, I begin my New Year resolution early otherwise tomorrow never seems to come (as far as my goal to change a habit). Walk, skip, leap, and dance in Faith that you are capable of great and astonishing works and never look back at fear (unless you're jumping out of a plane of course). Be Blessed in this New Year and every year.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Life is messy and your right, we can always clean it up. I guess I should start making a mess too! Best wishes for a fabulous year!