Friday, December 30, 2011

Shabby Little Butterfly

  Have you ever taken a vacation that left you feeling like you needed to take a rest to recover from your vacation? No I'm not speaking in riddles :) it's just that as much as I have cherished every single moment of the Holidays, and the crafty break that came along. I have to admit, it all left me rather drained. My creative juices withered away,my mojo as dry as the desert, and I struggled to get back into the groove. Whats a girl to do?
   I did what I have done many times before, I turned to one of my favorite sources of inspiration......Victoria magazine, specifically an issue from June 10 years old!!! The pages of the issue were like a hug from an old and dear friend, and scattered with butterflies. I took my cue from the winged beauties and scoured my stamp shelves for a lacy image...and the spark to create was ignited!

That butterfly stamped in tea dye distress ink uplifted my spirits and the rest of the card just kind of "happened" on its own! I used a mojo sketch that I turned sideways from a few weeks ago, it is helpful for me to have a blueprint so to speak when I need a little boost, if you visit me very often I'm sure it comes as no surprise to you that Mojo monday sketches are my favorite!

The delicious papers are a combo of my little shoebox and Bella Blvd. The scrunched doily was a happy accident...I left it and a glass of diet coke on the counter, and it got wet, so I crumpled it and sponged it with walnut distress ink and it is the perfect amount of imperfection for this card! If you love the hand dyed ribbon, give my friend Kristen Swain a visit and pick some up for yourself.

I wanted to make this a thank you card because a) I always need them, and b)  I'm pretty thankful that my creative wings are in full swing again! The fab sentiment is a clear SRM sticker {if you ask me} one of the best and quickest ways to add just the right thing to a project! I'm smitten with the clear stickers for sure!

 I have been pondering my "one little word" for 2012 I haven't narrowed it down yet, but I think I have a few pretty good candidates! How about you?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Toast to 2011

This is a card I made for the Cricut Circle last year, I used the Cricut Imagine to create a fun and vibrant "toast" to the new year! If you would like to become a circle member or just want to learn more about the circle click here.

I love a humorous card, this one is maybe even a little tongue in cheek! But what is better than putting a smile on someones face? After all that's part of why we do what we do!!
   One of my favorite things to do with the Cricut Imagine is to isolate image sections and use them in unexpected ways, like printing this image section and using it as a shaped card.  This adorable toaster can be found on Kate's Kitchen Imagine art cartridge by Cosmo he cute or what?!!!

Why not treat your love with breakfast in bed on New Years day and really "toast" the New year!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Cleaning it all up

The gifts have all been opened,the smiles of our loved ones have been captured in our hearts and for most of us in digital memory.  The aroma of holiday dinners are only memories,{except to our waistlines}  and cookie crumbles on empty cake plates are all that remain of the baking marathons......ahhhh how I love Christmas, but now......... it is time to clean up! Time to pack away our precious Christmas mementos, the glass baubles, and glittered snowflakes. Time to carefully wrap up each ornament made by the tiny fingers of children with big hearts and big dreams. Lets not forget it is also time to box up our 50% off wrapping and tissue paper that we fought down the aisle to get to and stood in that long line to buy.......or was that just me? *giggle*. Yes it's time to tuck away strands of lights and tinsel, and Santa adorned linens.
..........This time of year also brings forth a different kind of feeling of needing to clean up. Not just the tidying up of my home, but of loose ends, stray thoughts and long forgotten ideas. .

It's time to think about cleaning up my bad eating habits, and goodness knows my friendships could use a little polishing up..... they have been far too neglected as of late! Maybe like cobwebs its time to clear away the fear that stops me from pursuing all of my wildest dreams.

Time to soak in happiness, relax, and renew!

A clean slate, to get the ball rolling! Time for stripping away doubt, and jumping in with both feet!

Its get my hands dirty, to work on things that matter to me!

Its time to clear a path for a new year, a new unwritten journey of creativity, hope and adventure. Imagine the possibilities that lie before me, and to know that real life is messy and no matter what kind of mess I make, I can always clean it up................

Saturday, December 24, 2011


In the midst of standing in lines to buy gifts, wrapping packages, mailing cards, and engaging in the general hustle and bustle of the Holidays my family has taken out some time this past week to enjoy something that says Christmas to us each day. Like taking a drive to Christmas Florida for lunch, and a visit to jungle adventures. Maybe a tour through an alligator swamp and zoo is not on your Christmas outings list, but it was a great day!

It was a sun in your eyes, squint at the camera kind of day! *giggle* It was a fun adventure, the kind with no plans, no schedule, and no clocks! We took over 250 photos and laughed even more than usual! I treasure such a rare and magical occasion. I know these days are the glue that bonds our family and gets us through the hard times.

The following day Mr. Wonderful surprised me with a trip to see the 2 story gingerbread house at the grand Floridian Disney resort. You could smell the aroma of sugar and ginger the moment you walked into the lobby, and let me tell you this house was impressive!

I'm thinking Disney magic needs to be listed as the first ingredient!

The cookie shingles were my favorite detail on this massive Maison, each one so perfect and golden brown! Yummolicious!

This is the view of the cottage from the second floor, we were in awe! The best part of this outing is that it was free to go in and enjoy! And enjoy we did!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Spell it Out, Wrap it Up

Are you looking for a great way to wrap up your gifts and express yourself at the same time? We all love to put our own personal touch on the Holidays, with the Cricut and some pretty papers you can turn recycled paper bags into gorgeous gift wrapping! To download all of the CCR and gypsy files for these packages hop on over to the official Cricut blog!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gingerbread Land

I'm excited to introduce the Fowler Family Gingerbread house community of 2011

We all had a wonderful, sticky, sugar coated grand time building our gingerbread houses this year. The best part for me, is the laughter, conversation, and special time together. Having a candy village to show for it afterwords is pretty fabulous too! Take a tour through our little cookie haus land, hope you can pick up an idea or two for your own festivities!

Happy Creating~

Monday, December 12, 2011

If Walls Could Talk

Well actually they can! With Cricut cuttables vinyl and a quick how to tutorial you can turn your walls into a message for all to see!

To get started, plan on the size and color you want to put onto your surface. The hardest part of the project is deciding what you want to say! there are so many possibilities! For this project I chose raven vinyl cut at 11" for this you will need a 12x24 mat and a 24" piece of vinyl. Cut your phrase using the instructions in the vinyl package or use the kiss cut on your Expression 2. After you cut is complete, peel away the negative portion of the vinyl leaving the cut and paper backing on the mat.

Apply transfer tape over entire cut, and burnish with the wooden stick or a credit card. Its very important that the entire image is burnished to the transfer tape as this is what you will use to apply the phrase to the wall or other surface.

Now that the transfer tape is properly adhered to the phrase, slowly peel the transfer tape off of the mat leaving vinyl paper backing on the mat. Carefully apply image to the wall, and begin burnishing image with stick. When image is securely adhered to wall, peel away transfer tape slowly. If you have any area that is not adhering to the wall, simply burnish a little more and peel transfer tape away again.

When the cut is completely attached to the wall it will have a "milky" look under the transfer tape.

Now you have a statement that will greet all who walk in the front door...or through the chimney too!

I chose the phrase winter wonderland from Winter frolic because its my youngest daughters favorite song, when she was three I read a book to her over and over again,that included the lyrics. She knew every word of the song and would sing along in the car at the top of her little lungs! Oh how quickly that song became my favorite too, and its a special little bond between the two of us. I know that someday all too soon she will be off to collage, and I will be in the car alone, singing as loud as can be smiling at those fond memories! For now I will cherish each and every moment she is still at home!

I made these stockings about 5 years ago, and even though Meagan now has a home of her own, she will get a stocking full of goodies from Santa here!

I hope you will give your walls the chance to say something new! If its your first time using vinyl, don't be scared, its easy, just take your time and follow the instructions! You will be hooked on a new way to express yourself!
Happy Creating!

Sunday, December 11, 2011


The Holiday season is in full swing, as these next few days fly by we will be shopping, wrapping, baking, and shipping. Most of us will also be attending a party or two and a hostess gift will be in order! I have a fast and beautiful gift sure to impress! Almost everywhere you go candles of all shapes sizes and colors fill the shelves of stores, they are a great gift choice especially when they are on sale! However a blob of wax thrown in a bag seems to fall a little short in the "thoughtful" category so take a pretty candle to the next level without spending a ton of time or cash!

Cut a pretty snowflake and wrap a satin ribbon around the candle you can even tuck a box of matches wrapped in a pretty paper in the box or gift bag, and now you have a gift that truly lights up the room! Happy Creating!

For this project you will need:
2 decorative candles
white card stock
Cricut expression 2
Winter lace cricut cartridge  Digital winter lace cartridge  {or any cartridge with snowflakes}
alternative :hand cut snowflakes
1 1/2 yards 3/4" satin ribbon