Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Paper Pieced Pumpkins

Setting a fall table for company or just a family meal, is one of the joys of the Autumn season. These paper pumpkins are as easy as pie to make, with rich papers and felt leaves they will bring a cozy feeling to any room!

This table was one of our vignettes at Stampcation back in September, I will be sharing each of the elements as the week goes by! To make a patch of these pumpkins cut strips of paper 1" wide by 6" or 8" or even 10" depending how big you want your patch to be! Cut about 10 pieces per pumpkin. To add dimension you can emboss the strips with your favorite folder.

  Try mixing up the patterns you have on hand...this is a great way to use up some of your scrappy leftovers! Pierce a hole in the top center and bottom center of each strip, now insert a brad in the first strip adding all 10 and close the brad, now add a brad to the top and fan out the strips, and "squash" the paper gently to create a squatted circle. cut leaves from felt using your cricut or cuttlebug, add rolled strips of cardstock for stems, and curled strips of thin paper make beautiful tendrils!

Place your pumpkin harvest on the table, on a dresser or with a bowl of scented potpourri. Hang them with fishing line along your drapes, ore use them as place settings, with a little chocolate turkey or pumpkin inside each one! Happy creating~


Court said...

I made some of these last year and loved them! I should make them again! (I gave mine away) Beautiful job!

Anonymous said...

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Sara Andrews said...

Those are wonderful! I love the embossing. Why do I always forget about my poor, neglected Cuttlebug?

Susan said...

Love these Shantaie! You have been getting your craft on! :)