Thursday, October 13, 2011


Allow me to introduce you to Tsunami my hot pink and black velvet dress form. Lets first address why we call her Tsunami, its not a weird long story really like you may be guessing! When we purchased her, Chella and I were in a giggly goofy mood and gave her a back story and a personality, and thus the name was given and it stuck!  Now the funny story is how the day we brought her home, Chella and I went out for dinner and returned home to see a dark shadowy figure looming in our living room and truly scared us half to death! Of course afterword we laughed til we fell on the sofa, and decided to park her in the garage! LOL
 Many of you may not be aware that my crafty journey actually started with a sewing machine, and slowly evolved into paper crafting. I do not sew as often as I would like to, but when I do I really love every moment of it! This apron is so cute a flirty, and it looks a lot better on her than it does on my hips!!!

These big billowy flowers were made from the flower folds sizzix die, several layers and foam tape give them incredible dimension and fullness!

A hand stamped locket and bracelet, in shades of pink and gray compliment her "outfit" and  give her some sparkle! Tsunami is a triple decker example of some of my favorite projects, paper crafts, sewing, and stamping! 
Whatever you love to do...keep doing it! Happy creating!


Deneen said...

Tsunami is beautiful. The apron is gorgeous. You did a fabulous job. What a great piece to have. TFS. Your work is amazing.

Connie Hobbs said...

I have always wanted a dress form, but I wouldn't want to see the reality of having it actually be my size! Yours is better!

Linda Harris said...

Oh My she is gorgeous. May I ask where you found her at???? I love it!!! Linda Harris