Friday, October 28, 2011

Candy Corn Cones Tutorial

This Fall give treats and trinkets in one of these adorable Candy Corn Cones! Whether you love those sugary triple colored triangles or dislike them, these Candy Corn Cones are sure to be welcomed and kept for years to come.......Hmmmm......just like the real thing! LOL

You will start with a paper mache' cone of any size, keep in mind the bigger they are the more you can stuff inside them! these are 15" tall. I picked them up at Michael's in the Holiday section for 1.79 each. Measure about 3" from tip of cone and draw a light pencil line all the way around. Now repeat this process on the open end or "mouth" of the cone measure 3.5 or 4" depending on how wide you want your yellow area to be. Generally the orange portion will be the largest {just like the real thing}!

Using a foam brush and craft paint apply 2 coats of white paint to the pointy section of the cone, allow to dry completely. Then apply 2 coats of yellow paint to mouth of cone, again allowing to dry. Craft paint usually dries quickly, so if you are won't have to wait very long!

Now clean your brush and dry it, or get a new one and paint your orange area, overlapping the paint just slightly to insure all pencil lines are covered thoroughly. I personally did not mind a wee bit of the natural color of the cones to bleed through, I like a vintage look. But if that's not your cup of tea you can paint a third coat, or use a primer at the beginning of the process...its your project, so do whatever feels right to you!

All of my paint is dry {including the paint on my fingers} I'm a messy painter!  Are you ready to be scared? Yep now I get to play with tools! No worries Im failrly handy and mostly just a danger to fingers were harmed in the making of this tutorial...... For best results use a heavy duty hole punch like the cropodile to make 2 holes one each on opposite sides of cone.

To add a decorative touch as well as adding strength and stability to the punched hole I chose antique brass eyelets. {not the teeny weeny size, a larger is the way to go} here I have used the 5/16 size.

Cut about 12" of sturdy but pliable wire. I used a black painted wire I found in the jewelry department of my craft store......but its so thick I can't imagine using it for jewelry!!! A pair of wire cutting pliers will snip the wire like buttah!

Twist ends together {wire coat hanger style} be sure to twist and squeeze the very end to make sure no sharp edges will poke anyone! {reminder this is NOT appropriate for a small child's toy}...I know it looks like a fun hat...but please do not try to wear it! LOL

So this is what you should have when they are finished.....oh yeah! Now for the fun stuff it's time to fill them up with something yummy!

A custom fall crunch mix is always a big hit....and so good! This is a simple mix of toffee butter popcorn, candy corn {how could I NOT put it in the mix?} :)  and chocolate and yogurt covered peanuts and raisins....try M&M's coated pretzels, etc...have fun with it!

Bag up your mix in clear bags and tie them up with pretty fall hued ribbons, and unforgettable treat you can make and share this Fall, or all year round, just change the colors for a different theme! Try a princess cone, or upside down party hat, or for the boys a "dragons tail"

As always happy creating!


Diane Hodrick said...

very cute idea..

BettyBee said...

SO cute! and perfect for taking to school on Halloween! The gals in the office will love this :) Thanks again for another great idea! Happy Halloween ^_^

Deneen said...

Very cute! Have not seen these cones at my Michael's. Will have to check today. Thanks.

Court said...

super cute!

Anonymous said...

Darling - and your custom fall crunch looks yummy!

It's just delicious all over!

Lynn B. said...

These are really cute!