Monday, October 31, 2011

3 Birds on Parade Winner!

Trick Or Treat!
Thanks for ringing my "bell"

I had such a wonderful time reading your stories, some were just funny, some were silly, and many of them were touching stories of handmade costumes and good memories! Thank you so much for sharing, I laughed, and giggled {sometimes snorting} and smiled  so much my face hurt! I LOVE LOVE giving away prizes, its fun for me to give you a gift, but even better is what I get in return! Imagine my surprise and joy when this giveaway winner turned out to be a faithful blog follower and friend:

BloggerCourt said...
Trick or treat! Yay for this treat! My favorite costume was the one my mom dressed me up in when I was 3... A strawberry! I am a redhead and it was Just so cute (if I do say so myself)! Thank you SO much for the chance to win this!

YAY!!!! Congratulations! Happy Halloween!!!  :)


Court said...

WOOT WOOT!!!! THIS TOTALLY JUST MADE MY NIGHT!!! I am SO SO SO excited!!!! I will email you right now! :) THANK YOU SO MUCH! And you make it easier to be a follower and friend when you are so talented AND sweet! Keep it up my friend! :)

Theresa said...

Oh that's wonderful..congratulations!

Josie0602 said...

Congrats to Court!!