Monday, August 8, 2011

The faces of Summer

Summers are busy, beautiful, and frankly over way too quickly.I will be heading back to my home in Florida in 2 weeks and I will miss our little cottage and the nonstop activity of our work schedule and buzzing house full of people. Here area few snapshots of our summer days. One of my giant and heavenly perfumed lavender plants!

We enjoy a number of animals that visit our property all summer long- we even had a black bear hanging out in our barn......I named him destructo the bear! :)

I should have taken a few shots of the guys taking turns on the tractor cutting the grass...there is a lot of it!

This sweet baby bird landed on the deck railing during his first flight, and was there for quite a while before he had the strength and courage to fly off again, what a special treat for me!

Oh how gorgeous some of our work locations are! We spent the day dreaming of being on the water, but had to work instead. I will say it was a stunning view!

The Fowler gang having a little fun while manning a light up toy booth at the fireworks show, From left to right is Meagan, Chella, Me, and David

No summer is complete without fireworks!

Fowler's famous cinnamon Candy apples...... I wrapped more than a few of these this summer!

and I made more than a few of these this summer too!

I feel pretty lucky to be able to work with my hubby and our girls, and we have the best crew of all time!

Kevin being a wee bit goofy,  {OK maybe just a bit more than usual!}

Smores by the campfire! that's what summer is all about!

A silly string war, oh yeah that was seriously fun, and the perfect ending to a weekend of hard work!

Chelsea, Kevin, Nate, Meagan, Ralphie, David, Drew

Bite size brownies, um...those lasted for about 3 minutes! :)

The best thing about our "always on the go" summer, is that there is always so much to see, always a new chance to find joy and beauty in our surroundings, we may be busy, but not so busy that we don't stop to embrace the little things that make life so worth living. Family, friends, smiles, and a little time off make it all worth while.

What has your summer been full of?


Ohhh Snap said...

Gorgeous lavendar!! Looks like you had a really busy summer :D

Sara Andrews said...

Wonderful pictures!

The only thing missing from all the deliciousness is funnel cakes!! Do you all do those too?

Shantaie said...

Yep funnelcakes too! just no good pics of those to share! :)

Deneen said...

Absolutley beautiful! It looks so peaceful. Enjoy the rest of your time.

Barb said...

Oh how gorgeous! What state do you live in? I love your work and your property is just beautiful. I have been up to cabin fever this summer! 40 plus days of over 100 plus degrees here in Texas. I want my Alaska Trip back!!


Becky said...

Dear Shantaie,

Thank you!!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful summer pictures. Where is this beautiful place? I love the baby bird, the blooming lavender, the fireworks, the beautiful river -- so wonderful to see you and your family having such a wonderful time! I love seeing what you post each day but have to say, these pictures gave me goosbumps, smiles, and happy little tears for you and your beautiful family. Thanks again for sharing :)

Nancy said...

Beautiful pictures----always fun to see different parts of the country---Thanks----Nancy

JustJules said...

I am soo jealous but yet so happy for you! How wonderful to spend your summer in such a beautiful place. Even if you had to work, the sites are something to behold!