Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Remembering Roses' Peonies

Beautiful, vibrant and Pink. The peonies that bloom in my flower garden were passed down to me by an extraordinary woman of strength and tenacity. She had very strong opinions and made sure you were aware of them, she was forged with a spine of steel and a heart of gold. I had to earn her friendship, and found her abrasive compared to my own Mother. My husbands Mother Rose grew to love me, and I loved her too, I admired her spirit....her sass!

I smile a warm and special smile when the peonies bloom, they were her favorite...and now they are my favorite too, the giant blooms with heady perfume bring me happiness and comfort.These peonies are a testament to survival....although these were planted 5 years before she passed Rose never got to see her flowers bloom.

The entire family gets excited when the first flower slowly opens up to reveal the bundle of pink petals that eluded her. We always giggle at the story of how each year someone thought the scraggly plants were a weed and cut them down in early spring. We remember her laugh, her life and what she meant to us. Those peonies in a way, are a living scrapbook, one that grows each year and delights us with the memories of a woman who was vibrant and strong, yet beautiful and sweet. Just like her flowers.


Ohhh Snap said...

What a wonderful tribute to your mother in law and her peonies!

BettyBee said...

Shantaie, this is a beautiful and touching tribute. And the photos are just gorgeous! (((Hugs)))

Sara Andrews said...

What beautiful flowers and kind words!

cdm317 said...

The flowers are exquisite, as I am sure your MIL was.

Arlene said...

Such a touching tribute! Beautiful. :)