Thursday, June 2, 2011

Calendar Birthday

*Whew* it has been a hectic few days in my little corner of the World. I have closed up my house and made the journey to New York where we spend our summers. After a flight delay I arrived to a very leaky washer, pipes in the shower had to be replaced, a dead battery in my truck, no Internet, and a mess to clean up from a break in we encountered during the winter.....I really needed some crafty therapy this morning!

 Even though I had to whip this one up quickly, I did enjoy the crafty process! I love these papers from My minds eye, the browns and jewel tones mix are so yummy!  Today is the first time I inked up this stamp set by pretty!!!!
I let Chella sort through the ga-jillions of vintage buttons I nave in a gallon jar, and these sweet little creamy white buttons caught her eye...I say she has a pretty  good eye! ;) 
 I hope you have a beautiful June day, happy creating~


Court said...


Noelle P said...

Glad your summer transition is behind you. And since you have finished your share of bad luck, only sunny (and cool) days ahead!

Tammy Schmitt said...

Do you move all of your art supplies every summer? Wow! But... I guess I would too:-) Lovin' your card.