Wednesday, April 6, 2011

To market To Market

I have been creating I promise I have...but you will have to wait until Friday to see some of the crafty things I have been up to! {how about a giveaway to make it up to you?} Last week I visited our local farmers market with my daughters, nothing like soaking up the farm fresh items to make you feel alive! I'm always in awe of natures beauty.

 I'm thinking Hydrangeas for the wedding next spring?

Gorgeous leafy cabbage, I love to make homemade coleslaw!

Vibrant reds all throughout the market are a sight to behold!

Super sweet, I enjoyed strawberries all week!

I so love the aroma of rosemary, what is your favorite herb?

OK so not grown in a garden, but this table of shells pulled me in like a magnet!

Enjoy your days!
See you on Friday for tons of crop updates and a giveaway!


June Houck said...

Those flowers and strawberries look wonderful!

Sandy from Ukiah said...

You are such a fun person Shantaie... i love all the pictures today. AND I can't wait to see what you have been creating. hugs

Shantaie said...

Sandy, thank you for always always making my day with your kindness...I truly love your spirit!

Deneen said...

Love the pictures! Still to cold in NJ for farmers markets but your pictures make my mouth water for all the yummy food of warmer weather.