Friday, April 8, 2011

Cricut Circle Crop Day!!!!

Its Cricut Circle Crop day, so far we have so much fun!!!! Here are some of our amazingly fun Circle members chatting while waiting for the doors to open!

Of course a bit of shopping before the day gets  rolling  :)

here Karan crookshank is all decked out in her Cricut how pretty she looks in cricut green :)

My Hubby helping at the Circle store...posing with his buddy plush cricut!

Nate ever silly doing his version of "spokes model" with this pretty gypsy bag! {what a goof}

Charity Hassel brought a sampling of her unbelievable projects! {thank you Charity for all your hard work}

Cindy Royal with her awe inspiring projects {thank you Cindy, so appreciate all that you do}

Shannon Lerner, Shantaie {me} Charity Hassel, Cindy Royal

Me doing a super goofy dance....yep we are having fun!  :)

Caroline Reiser Spatz getting ready to get her crop on!

Me and my gorgeous daughter Meagan {she was such a great help}

Cricut Circle members are THE MOST fun ever!
I will be back with lots of projects and a giveaway!


Jana Eubank said...

Oh!!! It looks like you gals are having so much FUN!!! Everything looks FANTASTIC, Shantaie! Love all the decorations, the aprons, and of course, your cute helpers! :D :D :D Hugs to you!

Juliana Michaels 17turtles said...

So jealous of you all! You look like you are having a fantastic time and everything looks amazing!

Sarah Martina said...

Look how fun! Wish I could be there! The projects look stunning, too! :)

June Houck said...

I wish I were there with you & Cindy. Miss you both!!!

Lynn Ghahary said...

Looks fabulous Shantaie!

Adrian said...

HUGE thanks to Shantaie, Shannon and her crew! U all made this crop sooooooo much fun, it was my first but not my last!!! Thanks for all your hardwork, Shantaie very appreciated! KUDOS, had a blast!!!

Michele Kovack said...

How fun! You are awesome shantaie! Wish I were there!

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Oh I am like everyone else.. so wishing I was there... yes it looks like everyone is having a super fun time.. I see lots of smiles.. hugs

JennyKozar said...

Looks like so much fun! Sure wish I could have been there with all my friends!!

bernshwag said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time! Would of been fun to be there as well, maybe next time!


Kristen Swain said...

that looks like an amazing amazing time, and what a a beautiful setup! wish I could have come!!

StefanieC said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos!! Thanks so much for letting us see the wonderful time you ladies had in the sunshine state!!!


IRW Dana said...

Oh My Oh My, looks like everyone is having sooooo much fun! It's great putting faces and names together. papermemories4u @ yahoo .com

KayTee said...

Wow! What an amazing gathering you put together! Everyone looks like they are having so much fun! Thanks for the awesome pics. It's almost like being there!! =)