Friday, February 18, 2011

Vintage Buckets, baskets, and boxes

 I Love to share all the things that make life good with you, this week I'm all about Buckets, Boxes, and Baskets.....Oh who am I kidding? I'm always on the hunt for yet another bucket or old chipped up bowl! Its a given that if we hit up a flea market or antique shop I will be falling in love with at least one {or more} of these vessels of containment!

Easter is just around the corner, and I found a stack of these gorgeous heavy metal buckets several years ago. We used these as our Easter egg gathering containers, oh how happy the family was to have such a big and deep bucket filled with goodies and chocolate! A perfect storage for all those plastic eggs and grass afterwords as well!

I really have no idea what this basket was originally used for but I do think its fairly old, its a fun way to display all those everyday necessities! Toilet tissue is not glamorous , but it sure looks better in a pretty wire basket than it does in the plastic wrapper!

The kitchen has long been a favorite place to use all those great containers, but don't discount the value of making your craft space as pretty and functional as any room in your house! Buckets are handy for ribbons, buttons, and rolls of gift wrap.

This poor bucket has been banged up and certainly seen better days, that makes me love it all the more! Rolling pins, oh do I love rolling pins!

This is an old Pepsi crate that my father in law had stored junk in, I cleaned it up and hung it on the wall in our summer cottage just above the table where I keep my mixer!

This huge old wash tub sits above my washing machine, storage is a real issue in our little cottage and to be honest I do not like the way storage tubs plastic out in the open!

OK this jar is only about 20 years old but its dear to my heart because my Mother in law used to store cookies for my oldest daughter in this jar! Craft room, laundry room, or bathroom Buckets, boxes, and baskets are a fabulous find!


Sandy from Ukiah said...

Oh I love all of your containers.. wishing I could find some here in Ukiah..:-( hugs

Shantaie said...

Sandy you can come visit me anytime and we can go shopping!

cherie said...

Hello, Shantaie the wire basket is an egg collecting basket. I have several of them from my great grandparents chicken farm. Long ago demolished, but luckly my parents saved many of these baskest. I love them.

Baskets said...

There are lot of things to see around that you have managed it properly. I just like the white bucket, it's being rusted at some places but still looks good.