Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Super Sonic 16....The Party!

I wanted to Share a few details from our recent Super Sonic 16 party held at Family Fun Town, We had a blast and I have 200 photos...but I cant show you everything we did but here are a few helpful tips and hints if you want to throw your own "gamer party"
 We had this almost 6 foot Sonic made at our sign shop, we have dozens of signs made each year so we have a very close relationship with the sign guy ...but you can also order them from several on line shops! Each of our guests took a turn posing for pics with this lovable hedgehog!

Even though this is a party at an arcade its still my daughters Th Birthday so I had to add some shine to the tables with our version of "chaos emeralds" don't worry if you have no idea what that means....{its a sonic thing}

Its hard to make paper plates look good. Trust me I have tried every trick in the book over the years, and paper just looks like paper...but its easy to clean up after so in this case function over form wins! The tables were set up in alternating red and white table covers and each table had its own color of gems....we scattered thousands of these!

 If you are familiar with the Sonic series of games you will know that collecting gold rings is a key component of the game. Of course they show up throughout the party to keep a consistent theme.
Gold painted {3 coats} before I gave in and coated them in gold glitter! Were hung from the ceiling at varying lengths for that realistic sonic game feeling!

These rings started life as floral wreaths...but when we took them all down all the guests BEGGED to take some home...so now they decorate the rooms of a bunch of teenagers!

HA!!! Can you believe we found this Energy drink called speed...again {its a sonic thing!!!} We found these at Spencer's gifts, and if you have been on the hunt for sonic anything you already know its hard as can be to find anything...let alone enough for a big party! Lucky find!

 You can NOT have a party like this without swag bags!!!! I started buying as many of these as I could find before Christmas....The kids LOVED these!!! It was totally worth the investment :)
Little party survival kits filled with lanyards and bracelets to keep their game cards in and a gold circle filled with candy.....because you need extra sugar after you ride Go carts for the Th time! {NOT}

A fun little tag punched out with a 2.5" circle punch and coated with UTEE will serve as an additional momento for her guests.

 The cake...is a sore spot with me...my Husband...and well lets just say that we were very specific when the cake was ordered....it was NOT at all anything like we asked it to be, and it was the ugliest cake I have ever seen!  { No I am not being dramatic, it was awful!} I was so sad, but you know what??? It was yummy and we all had so much fun that in the end It just didn't seem like That big of a deal...sometimes you have to just roll with it you know? I was not going to let a bad decorating job ruin the night...life is too short for that!!!

Two hours of Go carts in the cold night air.......two hours of driving fun, crashing and laughing! we had unlimited games, go carts, balladium and mini golf for the night for each guest...those kids think we are the coolest parents ever.....hmmmmm maybe we are!  :)....nope We still make her do all of her homework and make her bed!

Chella and her bestest best friends, in the "balladium" war zone!

This was the best 5 hours I could have ever asked for! We had our own soundtrack playing all night, the staff at family fun town catered to our every desire, and all of Chelsea's good friends had "permasmile" all night! I have never spent that much time with that many teens and had so much fun since....well since I was in high school!


Jean said...

Looks like you guys had tons of fun. I love the Sonic games. We got a Kinect for the Xbox here for Christmas and got the new Sonic game for it, but I don't think anybody has played it yet.

JennyKozar said...

You are a great mom! So much thought - this will be remembered by them all forever!

Ohhh Snap said...

Sounds like it was a great party! Love the decorations and swag. Love all the bling and rings on the table and hanging. TFS :D

June Houck said...

You throw a fab party! JMO, but I'd rather have some delicious cake than a beautiful cake that tastes awful! Your dd looks just like you!!!