Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Imagine That, A Fairy Tale Birthday

Welcome to my "Imagine That" series here every Tuesday at InkingPink, the purpose of this series is ti dive into the world of the Cricut Imagine and discover all of the amazing ways to use it. If you are new to the Imagine take heart in the fact that I am learning as I go, you do not have to be an expert to get great results from this versatile craft tool! Today's lesson is all about Mixing It Up! I want to address rumors that you cant really customize your imagine images....that could not be further from the truth!

 This princess castle is a perfect example of mixing and matching! What do I mean? lets start with the castle itself, printed and cut at 5" on white cardstock from the Blast Off Iagine art cartridge, the original colors are blue, dark blue, teal blue, and orange, red, and yellow flags...more of a Kings castle really! I wanted to match the magical colors of the Imaginisce Enchanted collection, So I changed the layers individually to reflect the colors I wanted, this changes one section or layer at a time. Pink Turrets, green background, heart flags! Easy as can be!
If you have been here more than once than you already know how I feel about adding dimension to your cricut cuts..it is in my opinion vital to the look of your project to add embossing, or layers with pop dots, glitter...whatever, but flat glued on cuts look .....well frankly flat! This card will knock the tiara off of the little girl I made it for!

Mix it up by combining stamps, stickers, and chipboard to your imagine projects! Think of it this way, you wouldn't hesitate to use ingredients when you are making a delicious meal, so don't hesitate to use many ingredients in your projects...they all blend together to make a fabulous creation...a feast for the eyes!

So lets review:
  1. Imagine images are absolutely customizable in dozens of ways, including but not limited to changing colors and patterns within a cartridge, or using papers from your stash, or printing papers from another cartridge...it is truly endless!
  2. Mix it up!!! Use stamps, papers, embellishments, markers, sewing, and other cartridges to create a one of a kind eye candy confection!
  3. If you are still learning, that is the best time to experiment! Its only paper, if you make a mistake...start over, or go with the mistake and have fun! you may discover a new technique!
Do you want even More Cricut and Enchanted goodness? Today Cindy Royal has another Princess project for you using the Cricut expression and the Enchanted Collection! Check it out and don't forget to tell her I said  "HI"

 I wanted to share my dreamy Cinderellas Castle pictures from Christmas! Were you there? it was.....Enchanting!
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2 Ducky said...

Talk about fabulous! Very inspiring. :)

ScrappyMama said...

Adorable card! I LOVE my Imagine & I know that with the ongoing updating, it will only get better...thanks for sharing!

Deneen said...

Just Fantastic!! What little girl wouldn't love it.

Anonymous said...

I would love to have a Fairy Tale birthday next week! Anyone know how to turn 40 in to a fairy tale? lol! So Cute!!

Jen Smith

flowerdisco said...

just magical :)