Thursday, January 27, 2011

Flight time!

 Here is my first CHA update for all of you that will be "traveling" with me :) I'm awaiting the boarding process here at the Orlando International Airport, I will be flying into ST Louis and have a bit of a layover until I board my plane bound for California! Two things I DO NOT like are layovers, and takeoff! I travel fairly often and I don't have any aversion to flying....but I'm not all that fond of takeoff! I still get that "heart-racing" feeling I got the very first time I flew....pretty silly considering I have flown in almost everything from a glider {no motor} to a helicopter and even tried bungee jumping! We all have our silly little quirks...and I suppose taking off in a winged bus will always be one of mine!

I have been up since 5AM and this sign was a beacon saying "good morning Shantaie" I love ice coffee..and even better frozen coffee Its a little chilly here in Orlando for frozen this morning lots of cream, and a few ice cubes and sweetener were just the ticket to wake me up!!! OK.....I will check in with you from ST. Louis!!!

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ScrappyMama said...

Good Morning! Thanks for taking us with you & sharing some of the fun with're the best!!