Friday, January 28, 2011

Early AM From CHA Friday

Its 6AM in LA a 3 hour time difference from sunny Orlando, I just couldn't sleep any longer. This is the view from my room....downtown LA looks like many big city downtown areas and just as noisy as you think! :) I'm not one to be kept up by noise so I slept like a baby after my long day of travel!
 Last night was a crafty night of glitter, modge podge and more than a few giggles, a few of us Cricut Circle Design team girls got to meet for the first time and get to know each other a little better, it was great "hanging out" and being surrounded by such a positive group of women!

Some gorgeous historic know I'm a total fanatic for these kinds of structures! When I grow up I want to be a princess that lives in a 500 year old castle!!!

Is that not stunning?????

My favorite detail features are always the ceilings! this must have taken years to complete!

Will you look at the size of the window!!!


Amy our amazing Magazine team coordinator and all around crafty expert made these super cute pins or us to wear on our lanyards! Do you just love those or what? Thank you Amy!!!! I will be taking a shot of my charm bracelet in a bit...{when the sun comes up!} to show you what Jana and Shannon gave me!!!


Leslie said...

great pictures!!! Thanks for sharing!!

Scarescrow said...

Soooo...... the design team knew about the new logo coming out - and no one thought to tell PC it would be a GREAT idea to put it on the Exclusive cartridge!???!?

flowerdisco said...

awww! it looks fab...have a great time :)