Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cricut Circle Crop!!!

 Helllllllooooooo! OMGosh I'm so sorry it took me until now to update you.....please forgive me! First let me say that the crop was so much fun and I met some really really super people today! Its so nice to meet in person!!! OK so Internet access was pretty hard to come by...and franky I was a busy girl all day! but I did manage to get some pics for you to check out and hopefully you will feel like you were there...because I wish you were {yes I totally love you guys!!!}

So here is the meeting room, getting all set up....kind of the calm before the storm if you will!  :)

The girls came in and got right to work on the make and takes and their scrappy projects, it was so cool to see what cool things everyone was working on!!! These girls meant a fun way of course!

One of the SUPER FABULOUS items you could purchase at the meet up was this wood Eiffel tower cut out!!! I LOVE this and I know there are so many cool ways to dress this baby up! ....did I mention its FABULOUS???? 

Speaking Of dress up!!!! This wood doll from everyday paper doll dress up is toooooooo cute! Amy Mitchell fashioned an entire ensemble for this little pine princess! 

Need I say more? this charm is one of my faves of the day!!!!

Now I have to tell you that anyone that brings me chocolate is a friend for life!!! Cassandra Cauble AKA Citmz3 made this yummy and adorable treat bag...and I was just thrilled to be on the receiving end of this gift!!! Thank you Cassandra....You are for sure my hero for bringing me M&M's  :)

Hee Hee I love seeing this shirt floating around the room, its soooo great when folks have a good sense of humor!

This is my new buddy, is he not the most huggable little dude? I have such a desire to write out all kinds of signs and have him "hold" them!!!

My addition to my charm bracelet, I love it!

Sweet Jana gave us girls a scissor charm and its so stinkin' ca-ute!!!! I'm not sure I will be able to cut my way out a seat belt in an emergency or anything....but hey you never know!

Court was the glitter queen today, she helped everyone with the cricut circle cut out make and take, she kept all that glitter madness under control and we so appreciate her help!!! thank you Court!!!!

Now that is a sparkly circle!!!

Oh the things we can do with a bottle of modge podge and paint brush!!!

Jana Eubank and Cindy Royal posing for a quick snapshot!

I know its blurry but its the only pic of me I have from the day! I so enjoyed my day!!!


Leslie said...

So did you get to keep the stuffed cricket!! Very fun stuff.

JennyKozar said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Wish I could have been there with you all.

Shantaie said...

Jenny you were missed to be sure! I was hoping you would surprise us and show up!!!!!! maybe next time Girly!!!