Monday, January 31, 2011

CHA continued!!! Eye Candy!

I know I promised I would post from my phone yesterday, and I had every intention of doing so! It has been a very busy couple of days and I could not get away long enough to post, but I DID get some more great photos!........Well "great may be a bit of an exaggeration how about mediocre shots of great displays and fabulous people!!??? Yep thats is more like it!!!! I hope you enjoy  :)

Jinger spokesperson for Provo Craft and the absolute nicest girl you will ever meet {imagine sweet as pie personafied}Teaching a class in the Cricut booth Sat morning.

They had a fun competition to take a photo of Cricut somewhere interesting in LA, then bring it back to the booth and enter a drawing for a prize!

I was stationed at this make and take....{how awesome is that make and take BTW} for a large part of the day, it is no surprise that I was hanging with cupcakes is it?  :)

This frame using the upcoming buccaneer imagine cartridge was another of the Saturday make and takes!

Darling!!!! one of my fave displays was at Melissa Frances!

can you say dreamy??????

Walking to the sat evening gala was fun...even if I am the slowest walker in the bunch! Each time I stopped to take photos of the downtown lights I had to rush to catch back up! Just call me pokey princess!

so here I have a walk and shhot photo....ummmm its.... artsy right? LOL

One of the decor elements in the Conga room where the gala was hosted.

Jana Eubank having a silly moment! I love her sweet and fun spirit! She is a bundle of sunshine and her smile is as kind and contagious in person as it is in photos!

I will Be Back Tomorrow with more photos for you!


Leslie said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Diana Joy said...

Thanks for the great pictures. The Staging for the CHA is amazingly beautiful.