Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Many times people will Email me and ask where I get my ideas from, most of them I dream about or they just pop in my head like a flash of lightning....{that explains so much doesn't it LOL} but more often than not I am inspired by the world around me. My family and I made a trip to Disney's Animal Kingdom and I just fell in love the the beautiful scenery all around!

I look for ways to interpret the shapes, colors and dimension into home decor or paper projects. This beautiful door and the peeling paint on the windows makes me want to pull out the sandpaper!

Don't be surprised to see a tone on tone floral card from me in the near future! I would love to have this in my garden! The grays and taupes of this relief are delicious!

I can use my cricut or stamps to mimic the colors, shapes and depth of this stunning wall!

I love the weathered feel of this mural, maybe an image stamped then torn to reveal another texture underneath made with the cuttlebug and embossing folders?

Breathtaking, for its beauty and size! this is gorgeous with it cut into tiled sections! ....that will be spectacular on a card or a scrapbook page!

The next time you are out and about take a look around you and soak up all of the possibilities, keep a small notebook to jot down ideas or inspirations, or better yet keep your camera handy for reference. Art is all around you, just open your eyes and your mind and let it in!  {caution it gets pretty busy in your brain once you let it all flood in there, be careful or you will end up like me- thinking about creating 24 hours a day!} 


Anonymous said...

The flashes of lightning you describe makes me believe you are a visionary artist. This is truly a gift from above / encoded in the DNA however a person chooses to view it. Being able to capture those visons and create them into physical textiles is a great ability as you have shown in your own style as well as the various ones that inspire you. Thank You so much for sharing a glimpse into your visions for I am confidant there are a plethora more awaiting your discovery as well as ours. What a beautiful journey you have begun. I am happy for you. Happy creating. For your readers/followers; we are all co-creators, happy holidays and happy creating.

Deneen said...

I love to look at beautiful buildings and carvings and such. It is amazing what one can see if they just look. Thank you.

Leslie's Blog said...

Your descriptions of the world around you are delightful to read. I love how you related the above photos to paper craft ideas. Keep the ideas coming.