Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy New Gypsy..I mean Thanksgiving

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Timestamp: 2010-11-25 11:34:34 UTC

BUZZY BEE DESIGNS & GRAPHICS said... The colors are beautiful...Love your card..And thanks for
the chance to win! My fingers and toes are crossed!
Rebecca Minor
   Rebecca your new Gypsy will go out tomorrow! woot woot!!!

How many pies do you bake for Thanksgiving? I LOVE pumpkin pie and tried a new recipe this year, its called Pumpkin Walnut layered elegant pie. The bottom half of the pie is a sweet mixture of toasted walnuts, butter, vanilla and brown sugar, the pumpkin portion is mixed with cream cheese and all of the traditional ingredients you would usually find in Pumpkin pie. What makes it really special are the cut leaves scattered across the top, I have been cutting up a {pie crust} storm with my cricut cake mini the last few days! If you are a circle member than check out today's post on the Circle blog to see the project I made with the Cake mini! If you are not a circle member yet and want to be vistit Provocraft and get all of the details!

The leaves were cut from the Straight from the nest cartridge at sizes varying from 3" to 5" set on real size function. They are baked for 12 minutes @ 350 degrees with a brushed coat of egg~ but be careful not to walk away and forget about them....{I don't know who would do such a thing  ahem..} LOL Now the real  question is can I resist the urge to slice into this pie and have a big piece for breakfast?  ;)


flowerdisco said...

Happy Thanksgiving Shantaie!
Did I say I love your name and nick name?

Shantaie said...

Thanks, and flowerdisco is a pretty fun name to say too! Its a happy word!


THANK YOU for choose me. WHAT a GREAT prize I had to read it twice.
Rebecca Minor
buzzybeedesigns AT yahoo DOT com

Big Momma said...

Congrats to you Buzzy Bee Designs. Thanks for giving away the Gypsy. Tammy

MontuckyGirl said...

What a great pie! I have to tell you a funny husband bought a Costco pumpkin pie for my small family on Monday. It was gone by Wednesday! We couldn't stay out of it and had to go buy a coconut cream pie at the market on Thanksgiving! Pretty sad! I don't have room or money for the Cricut mini cake, but I love the idea of the leaves. I guess I could find leaf cookie cutters out of the ten thousand my mother just sent me...hmmmm! Thanks for sharing and I hope your holidays continue to be great!

Shantaie said...

Natalie, I so understand the not being able to stay out of the Pumpkin pie!!! I had pie for breakfast yesterday...yummmmm coconut cream might need to make one of those too :)
The cricut mini is a lot smaller than you may think,I have SMALL KITCHEN AND ITS SITTING ON TOP OF MY MICROWAVE! Im very impressed with compact size!!!
Happy Haoldays!