Saturday, October 9, 2010

Swarming In Utah!!!

Its the day we have all been waiting for, its SWARM DAY here in Salt Lake City!!!
We will be opening the doors soon, and inside the grand hall everyone is buzzing around getting things ready for everyone! The line is starting to form, as the MOST EXCITED cricut fans are eager to get the day started!
Look at all those Gypsies! Isn't that a gorgeous site! Provocraft certainly has put together the most AMAZING swag bags ever!The attendees of today's event are in for some TREATS!

What better place to hols this event than in the beautiful grand hall at the Gateway here in Salt Lake City!

We are set up and ready for fun!

Trick Or Treat! We have SO MANY treats in store for you all today!
Be sure to check out the cricut circle blog all day for live coverage of the event, I will be posting several times today, so stay tuned! Don't miss a thing!


Melissa said...

I wannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnna be therrrrrrrrrre!



Shantaie said...

Oh we wish you were here too!
Stay posted and we will do our best to share the excitement with you!

Kristin said...

WOW wish I was there !

Turnedgypsy said...

wanting to go but have 3 grandkids who need me. i wish i would have won one of those gypsies, oh well maybe next time. congrats to the winners and thanks pc and all the dt members who gave us all the chance to win. you all rock


Karin said...

That looks like it was great. Wish we had events like that around Montreal :(