Saturday, July 31, 2010


We all love our adhesives, as crafters its one of our favorite things, At the love my tape booth I discovered this gorgeous line of masking tapes and fabric tapes.They are breathtaking! I had to have some of the fabric tape...'cause that's how I roll!

Where else can you buy so much rubber? There were bins and bins of  images.

If you know me than you know how much I love the magnetic tins that hang on the walls of my craft room, these button filled containers made me just a bit homesick... well not really, but I did love this pretty display of button perfection!

There were pretty displays all around, trouble was it was just too busy to get any clear shots of anything. I loved that CHA was for all crafting, from paper to quilting no craft was left behind!

This tree of tags was one of 3, it was beautiful in person crop stop lives up to their name and stopped me in my tracks with one of the most unusual displays of the weekend. 

Provocraft did not disappoint!! Large elaborate displays featuring the new cartridges were awe inspiring to be sure! This house is BIG and super cool! I'm not sure how they did it but I'm impressed! We got to see the imagine machine "do its thing" and boy will it ever change the paper crafting world. Its just the most amazing machines to hit the market in .............well forever!

I wish  I had this dream house when I was a young girl, let me tell you I would have moved in and never come out :) What can I say its pink, its a castle, its made of paper, and its gorgeous! I LOVE this!

How fun are these super heroes? The large 3D justice league duo are one of my favorite promo pieces of the weekend. I really wanted to stuff them in my bag, but they were almost as tall as I am!

Gasp!! its Woody and Buzz, can you just imagine the hit these would make at a birthday Party? I kept looking for the pull string to make woody say "there's a snake in my boot" but no dice :) I'm stalking the store for this cartridge I can promise you that! 


SimpleScrappin said...

Love your pictures...I am so mad I did not bring my camera when I went.

Mae said...

Hi Im so haapy to see pictures from the CHA I couldnt go, I will have to save my money and go next time. I would love to meet you!

Meda said...

Thank you so much for sharing all these CHA pictures. There really was some craft inspiration around, wasn't there?