Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Flowers

Even though she is well into her teens, my youngest daughter can still see the value in picking flowers for her Mom. A smile as bright as the sun and a fist full of delicate daises, and a giant  peony blooming with perfect pink petals, she bursts through the door and steals my heart just as she did when she was only two.

A simple vase, and a sunny window sill  have turned my little cottage Kitchen into a beautiful oasis.

This is the last of my peonies for this summer, I treasure these flowers so much, they were planted by my mother in law and sadly she never got to see them bloom. I cant help but smile knowing how much she would have loved this big bloom picked by the granddaughter who was named after her.
Its a wonderful summer day, I hope you had an extraordinary everyday moment today!


BettyBee said...

Thanks for sharing such an extraordinary moment in an otherwise ordinary day! It brought a tear to my eye, my friend. I remember the peonies that my grandmother had in her yard, and how we loved them together. I hope you are enjoying your time in NY, and that you have a wonderful summer day!


Myrna said...

Memories are so precious. Whether our children are 4 or 40 they have that ability to make our hearts sing.
Love the peonies and the story behind them. Here in Alberta mine will be awhile before they bloom. Usually the July 1st week end. Lovely photos.