Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bold Bright

This bold card is fashioned from this weeks mojo monday sketch, I just love the striking contrast of the bright tropical print on black card stock and black stitching.
    Sadly my old sewing machine is not behaving itself very well. This is my back up machine, and I had it completely revamped last summer but she is skipping stitches and the feed dog are slipping....I cant bare to part with it, its the machine I stared my childrens clothing store with...that basic little brother machine changed my life forever. I owe so much of who I have become to that sewing machine and what it taught me.

If you will are stick with me through the summer, I sure would be grateful for your kindness to my little ol' sewing machine, substandard stitches and all. If it weren't for all those years of self taught creativity I wouldn't be here. If my home-ec teacher could see me now...I bet she would be pretty proud of me, especially since home-ec is the only class I ever failed....twice :)
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mshady said...

Your card is beautiful. I had to laugh when I read you failed Home Ec. I was asked to withdraw from the class because I was so bad. LOL. I took shop instead and loved it.

Shantaie said...

Oh my that souns so familiar :) I took drafting and made an A but had to repeat the darn Home ec class and my poor teacher thought I was hopeless!!!
Im happy to know Im not alone!

Unknown said...

Love this Shantaie! So bright and summery!

(-: Heidi