Friday, May 14, 2010


Card Making is just like designing a room:

What does that mean?
 I hear many times the statements "I can't make cards like you" or "not everyone can do that"~ I feel its my absolute duty to tell you that you can. By the powers invested in me by the paper crafting and all powerful {DIY} Gurus, I will share a little secret with you. I used to feel the same way. In fact when I look back at some of my first cards. whoa....well lets just say whewwwweeee have I come a long long way :)-  I'm soooo not tooting my own horn here, I'm telling ya' I was not a wonderful "putter together-er".
that is....    Unless it was fabric, I had a natural gift for combining fabrics. So lets think about it.......

Use your natural talents to guide you:
  For me the "light bulb" came on when a friend of mine was giving me constructive {yet funny} criticism. She with eyes as wide as an 8 lane freeway, stared at my latest Frankenstein of a card and wondered out loud, "you can put any fabrics together and make them work, why can't  you do that with paper too?" ****TADA****
I'm pretty sure she was relieved to set her eyeballs free from my blunderous concoctions of paper, ribbon and ill placed embellishments.She did the universe a service trust me!

   I shifted my design style to reflect the way I would build an outfit, or design a room, with complimenting pattern, balance, and scale.Color,like the color of a room sets the tone, placement of layers like placement of furniture tells the eye where to look,  Embellishments are kind of like the decorations you adorn a room with, too many and it looks cluttered, to few and it looks cold and sparse.
 Your decorating style will be unique to you, after all diversity in all forms is the very essence of life. There is no right or wrong when it comes to what you like.This may not turn you into an overnight design star, but it will give you the confidence to try new things,  break out of the mold, and be yourself. Don't be afraid to make mistakes along then way, I still make a  total stinker from time to time, I still have a lot to learn.

 I would love to talk to you about your mishaps, disasters, and triumphs. I welcome your questions as well, we can use the comment section to have an open discussion.

Happy Creating,


Anonymous said...

Hiya Shantaie...
I love your beautiufl card..espesh those Amy Butler papers!!!

Crickey you should see some of my cards they are a total disaster!!!!Well I know youv seen them already!! haha.....
Seriously I think the main purpose for the creator is
They enjoy what they are doing..of course practice and Inspiration from others is a fabulous help....
I def agree with what you say there!!!!TFS
Have a fab Evening my `friend`:)xxx

Shantaie said...

Ok I have to jump in and say if you have never been to Terries blog, {above comment} go check it out, she is an incredible artist!!! She has a very unique style that is all her own, and I LOVE that about her.

Terrie you have so much beauty inside you, it just spills over into eveything you do. Im honored to be your friend!!!

mshady said...

I am just amazed at the way you are able to put colors and patterns together and make such beautiful items. I do not have that flair but I love trying. Your work is fantastic.

Now off to visit Terrie's blog.


Unknown said...

wow, you ladies are so talented! I am a newborn in the world of papercrafting and it is a bit intimidating..... making jewelry, no problem. A card, well...let's just say i need practice LOL!