Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Herb Garden Gift Set

Mother Nature is the "alpha Mom" of all Mothers, so for this weeks cuttlebug challenge be inspired  "ways to show appreciation to Mother", I made an herb garden gift set. There is something about fresh herbs that will make any recipe better, {even a bad one}
I can promise this useful and thoughtful gift will most definitely be appreciated by any Mother! {even a bad cook}  :o

I have a real soft spot for garden markers, I have altered several before, but these are BY FAR my favorite....ever!
I love the hanging tags, they're pretty and interchangeable, so you can switch out your tags as needed. These are really not meant for the great outdoors, but I did seal the whole sha-bang with Beacon liquid laminate to waterproof them. I have to be honest here, It was seriously the BEST laminating, sealing product I have ever used!!! {I'm totally smitten}

Not only does it go on, and dry clear, but I shaped my leaf and as it dried it held in place without being "crunchy"  Love That!
Plant Marker How To:
I embossed a strip of coredinations whitewash card stock with the Japanese scales folder, and gave it a good sanding, then pierced my stitching lines with my Stampin'Up! mat pack and paper piercer.
Using a thread pulled from my burlap fabric, I stitched the top and bottom of the strip.

Helpful hint :
for sewing with a fiberous thread like burlap, if you have an old candle or even a bar of soap, run the end through the wax of the candle to "tame" all those stray fibers. This will make it Soooo much easier to thread it into the eye of the needle. They do make a commercial product, found in the notions area of the fabric store...but this will work just as well and save you a headache!

The chipboard flowers :
Paint chipboard if desired , then  cover with patterned paper scraps,  cut around and sand for a smooth finish.  The center circle was embossed with the pebbles folder and sanded. This was also sealed with liquid laminate.Cut out leaves with die cut and adhere to back. Attach Flower to marker with craft glue 3in 1 used here. clamp in place until dry.

To make the tags:
I used regular old key tags with a circle of vintage coredinations paper punched out and attached.I used my trusty and overworked AKA loved Dymo label maker to create the text.Mark that down as another tool in your paper crafting arsenal!

I found these seed packets, and decided to just wrap them with a sleeve of embossed vintage coredination card stock.The burlap sack is filled with potting soil, all tied up in twill tape and a pretty {yet rustic} tag, stamped with one of the gorgeous sentiments from Stampin"up! well scripted. 

Fresh, fragrant, and delicious home grown herbs, that is truly a beautiful way to show appreciation to all the Moms you know and love!

Please Join us this week as we celebrate our appreciation of Mothers everywhere. The Design Team has some truly inspiring ways to craft a mothers day gift or card that is sure to make Mom smile!

How about a Gypsy for Mom this Mothers day? If you would like a chance to win one of the most innovative craft tools on the market, go to Cuttlebug Challenge 
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Anonymous said...

eNJOy the rest of your day my `bug sista`:)xxx

Anonymous said...

Massive apologies on the typ`os!!!!!!
I am trying to type as fast as I can talk teee hee...
not very good obviously there!!!!!!!:)xxxxxxxxxxxxx

June Houck said...

This is such a WOW creation, Shantaie. Send some of that awesome mojo to VA, will ya?

America said...

WOW!!!! So much creativity here!!!! LOVE IT!!!

ellen s. said...

holy moly these are the coooooolest!!!!!!!!!!!!

where did you get the actual markers? i haven't seen "plain" ones like that before. i am heading to lowes tomorrow and crossing my fingers they have some there!

gorgeous! gorgeous! i love it, love it

Shantaie said...

I found these at target, they came in a package of 6 in the garden center, good luck!