Saturday, May 8, 2010

Confessions of a {Window} Shopaholic

I Confess......I am. a. shopper.  
I love everything about shopping, it is totally inspiring. I find so many ideas while I'm out just soaking up the gorgeous-ness that is  all around, I know I'm not alone in my secret passion for spending an entire day devoted to window shopping.{With the occasional stop for an ice coffee, and yummo lunch}

If you find yourself at the Florida Mall in Orlando, I have gathered a few samples of the beautiful visions that await you. Lush is one of my favorite shops to visit, the moment you walk in you know its no ordinary soap market. It is a feast for all of the senses. You may see a card in the future inspired from these stunning petals.

I just want to bake a big batch of sugar cookies, or put together a potting bench when I see this apron! Hard to believe I failed home-EC   *twice* its true!!!

Pretty little travel bag anyone? Seriously puts me in the frame of mind to plan a vacation.....with my best girlfriends.Complete with mojitos and pedicures. Also brings back memories of some of the best trips I have ever taken. ={happy}

Hmmmmmm...... kind of similar to the fabric in my last post, dontca' think? Yes this is Pottery Barn, and yes I confess I LOVE that store!

Its a love affair like no other.....the only thing that can break the magical spell of ribbon is chocolate, preferably a box tied up with a length of silky ribbon :)

Just so pretty, I will need this for the previously mentioned sugar cookies!

OK its total confession time, I had not been window or any other kind of shopping in quite a long time.The moment I walked into Nordstroms I had the overwhelming desire to roll myself on the floor like my dog does after she gets home from the groomer to try and coat herself in the scent of home, I want to smell just like Nordstroms that weird? :)
You think you could get arrested for such a thing?
happy shopping,


mshady said...

I love shopping also. Too bad my daughter absolutely hates it so I do not get to go very often now.
Great pics. Thanks for sharing. I always enjoy your blog.


Anonymous said...

Shantaie, that was a great post, and I loved all the pics. Up here, near Detroit we have a mall called the Somerset Collection, and it is absolutely huge! I just love going there and window shoping, with stops at Potter Barn, Nordstoms, Tommy Bahama (thats the store that makes me want to roll around on the floor and bathe in its scent!)


Anonymous said...

Well, I can't say I've ever been to Nordstroms, but I got a very comical visual of seeing ladies rolling around in its scent. That was funny. Thanks for sharing your window adventure with us. I like aprons too, what could be more perfect then a dress with no back, that you can cook in, and wipe your frosted fingers on (lol).

Shantaie said...

That sounds like a mall I may have to visit someday. My hubby LOVES Tommy Bahama, and has more Tommy Bahama shirts than ANY man needs to :)
That is the store he would roll around in too!!!