Friday, May 21, 2010

Clean Up Your Act

Wash Day Can Be A Real Treat

With an old fashioned candy store jar and a decorative vinyl die cut, you can make a beautiful statement in the Laundry room. Be it a new jar or a vintage canister, this is a lovely way to store your laundry booster or detergent. I cut a small piece of black vinyl with my sixxiz die, peeled off the backing and adhered to jar with the applicator.You can purchase solid vinyl from Stampin Up!, or at your craft store.

I found a set of scoops at world market, and a real bargain at 3 for 4.99!!!
As a decorative object, this is a real stunner. As a functional object this is a beautiful solution to the plastic "oxi clean" bucket! I hope you find lots of wonderful ways to elevate your lowly laundry room, to the heights of a showroom


Unknown said...

brilliant! LOVE it!

Melissa said...

This is so cute. What a fun thing to make something that's super not-cute into something beautiful.

Cin said...

Oh!!!!!!!!!!! These are Great for any Laundry room or even Kitchen for the Flour,sugar, ya know......... Love these.. am following you now and hope you will take a look at my blog too.


Meda said...

I don't have a laundry room. Actually I only have one room, small kitchen and bathroom, but your project certainly make me wanna go decorate. Thanks Shantaie, wonderful inspiration.