Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wedding Event

Save The Date for A Wedding Affair
Weddings have a way of stirring so many emotions, and planning a Wedding can be a heady mixture of happiness and stress, joy and giddy anxiety. The times we are living in ,will -without a doubt increase the number of Brides who are planning DIY Weddings, Showers, and close to home honeymoons. At Cuttlebug Challenge blog we are planning the Wedding of a lifetime, this event is not to be missed. For the complete post , a gorgeous sample of a save the date card and details visit cuttlebug challenge today.

My official nail colors for this event are Revlon "going for the gold" and "champagne pink"
These colors will be equally lovely on the Bride or the flower girl.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Sticky cuts pillow box

If Diamonds are a girls best friend, then glitter must be her lifelong pal.
Well if you are a girl like me that is. I have had a few glitter-catastrophes in my journeys there was the glitter bomb of '09 where an entire container of red glitter dumped on the counter......while I had the heat gun on. To this day I'm cleaning up the remnants of red sparkle. There was the glue-glitter-phone incident that I shall never speak of....ever :)  and we have all at one time or another gasped in horror as a grinning two year old sent a glittering avalanche cascading down the front of their clothes and dining room floor.

All of those memories are a thing of the past with my new favorite product, the sticky cuts. I would never have poured micro beads over a glued surface. I made this little pillow box in 5 minutes flat, good to know the next time I need a gift card holder or a little treat container on the fly {don't we always}

Smooch Spritz
in vanilla was misted  over my finished pillow box...because apparently you can never have too much shimmer! Can you see it on the screen? look closely with your eyes squinted and maybe grab a flashlight....or just trust me its super pretty!!!

all products Stampin up unless stated otherwise
sizzix pillow box die
paper; razzelberry lemonade , dusty durango
dusty durango ribbon
sticky cuts sweet,
martha stewart copper micro beads
smooch spritz

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sticky Sweet Thank You

You don't have to be a paper crafter to appreciate the remarkable qualities of the StampinUp! sticky cuts. Two 12x12 sheets of die cut images and sentiments that are super sticky and can be used on scads of surfaces and coated with any number of toppings- how sweet is that? Gift bags, lunch boxes, luggage tags, buckets, folders, jars,.... the list is endless! The results are stunning.

I glittered the chocolate area first, and then the center pink flower. This was easy peasy!!
You will love using these for everything from glitter to microbeads.
I needed a thank you card for my sweet cousin ad forever friend Lisa, she sent me a care package of *gasp* vintage highball glasses with my initial on them!!! They are so gorgeous, but sadly only 5 survived the trip. If you see these in your travels please let me know, I would like to have more of them! 

If you would like to snag a package of sticky cuts sweet for yourself they are only 8.95 for a whole lot of glittering fun! the item # is 114301 and can be ordered from me here If you would like to see more projects using sticky cuts pop back in tomorrow I will have another {few} for you :)
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cuttlebug Challenge 85 Pennants

This week at cuttlebug challenge blog we are proudly flying pennants on all of our projects.Pennants are one of the hottest trends in paper crafting at the minute. From teeny tiny triangles to full size party banners, pennants are a playful and memorable way to 'spell it out'

Armed with a white gel pen, I added a hand written sentiment one lettered flag at a time.

This fab graduation stamp is in the new Stampin'Up! mini catalog. I stamped the image on acetate and embossed with black embossing powder, what a great effect!
  Most of the core'dination papers are embossed with the stars embossing folder and sanded generously.

I hope you will join us this week, and play along in the challenge. Everyone is welcome to play, you dont have to have a cuttlebug, you just have to love to play with paper.....that pretty much covers most all of you  :)

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Real Ruffled Birthday

How To Make A Ribbon Ruffle:
Apply sticky strip along length of card stock.
Press ribbon end into adhesive, and make a small hump, press into adhesive,make a hump, and continue.
After your finished press firmly and "squash" humps.
Don't fret over perfection, once you embellish your card, you wont even notice the slight variations.

The Color Challenge on splitcoast stampers today is Real Red, Kraft, and Bermuda Bay. Way to fun of a combo not to play along!I just love the pink flamingo SU paper and have been keeping it under lock and key. I think its time to let it into world and make lots of pretties with it....we all know new "favorite" paper will come along :)
I LOVE using clear buttons, they are kind of like card jewelry right?
Pay no attention to my wonky faux looks much better when its NOT super close up *wink*

OK I have to say it-  Bermuda bay does not dry true to color on chipboard. Wish I had known that little tidbit before I permanently attached them to my friends birthday card. Well.... now we know { kind of like having your own product tester at your fingertips}
If You fell in love with any of the products I used on this card, they are all available from Stampin"Up!

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Monday, May 24, 2010

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pretty Pink Washers All Lined Up In A Row

Happy Sunday Wherever you are.
May your day be happy,sunny and bright
have a smile on your face from morning 'til night.
If you have to wash clothes, all fluffy and clean
May your laundry be spun, in a pink washing machine.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Clean Up Your Act

Wash Day Can Be A Real Treat

With an old fashioned candy store jar and a decorative vinyl die cut, you can make a beautiful statement in the Laundry room. Be it a new jar or a vintage canister, this is a lovely way to store your laundry booster or detergent. I cut a small piece of black vinyl with my sixxiz die, peeled off the backing and adhered to jar with the applicator.You can purchase solid vinyl from Stampin Up!, or at your craft store.

I found a set of scoops at world market, and a real bargain at 3 for 4.99!!!
As a decorative object, this is a real stunner. As a functional object this is a beautiful solution to the plastic "oxi clean" bucket! I hope you find lots of wonderful ways to elevate your lowly laundry room, to the heights of a showroom

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hello Pink Stuff

Would you like to get this in your mailbox?
I'm guessing most of you said "yes" . What a wonderful change of pace it is to get "happy mail" instead of the mounds of envelopes with cellophane windows that may as well say "hi my name is Bill" nobody. likes ."Bill".
But everyone likes to receive a Birthday card or a just because bright and cheery card like this one.Make someones day and actually mail a card or a letter- its so much better than email :)

I put my cricut to work today, cutting out this sweet clothesline and grassy border ,using the straight from the nest cartridge. These eye popping colors just shout "spring is in full bloom!" don't they?
I just got this wonderful delovely cosmo cricket paper and wow is it ever bold and beautiful. I already know I will have to force myself not to hoard it :)

This is my third laundry themed project this week, the others are HERE, and HERE check back tomorrow for a beautiful  stain remover container. Yep laundry can be beautiful, -just trust me on this one, I know its hard to use those two words together in a sentence.
See you soon, happy creating

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Picture This

Cuttlebug Challenge #84

This week our cuttlebug be inspired challenge is to use photos. If a picture says a thousand words- what do these pictures say to you? This lavender candle and box of matches are adorned with nostalgic wash day images.Pretty ribbon and embossed core'dinations paper.

As a young girl growing up in Florida meant lots of things, sandy beaches, balmy breezes, and outdoor laundry rooms. 30 years ago humidity was a major enemy as was any extra heat, in or around the house. When we were tall enough to reach the clothesline my sister and I were put in charge of hanging laundry on the line. My mom would drive over to our aunts house to wash clothes as our small beach house didn't have a washer. Everything dries quickly in the bright summer sun, and by the time a game of TV tag with our cousins was won, it was time to fold and stack towers of sheets into wicker baskets.

The heady scent of orange blossoms and fresh cut grass clung to the crisp blouses, and pretty patterned tablecloths. Those moments of peaceful hanging and folding didn't seem like a chore until I was about 15 and had more important things to do than trudge a heavy basket of wet clothes into the sandy back yard. I  would welcome those carefree days of listening to sheets flapping in the wind mixed with the laughter of my sister and younger cousins. This gift set is for my sister, who still hangs her clothes on the line.{ She is such a good example of living green}

On second thought, I think that a picture is worth more than a thousand words, photos can evoke memories, emotions, and every now and then they can take you back in time like your own personal time traveling device
 I invite you to play along with us at cuttlebug challenge blog this week, I would love to see what photos inspire you. The DT has a gallery of diverse and artistic ideas for you, please take the time to visit them.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Get A Grip

Its Laundry Week at InkingPink
These are not your grandmothers clothespins. They are multifunctional beautiful objects ,the very definition of grace under pressure. This week we are exploring a whole new way to approach the much dreaded, often hated task of doing laundry. We all have to wash, dry and fold. Why not love every minute of it? OK {love} is a very strong word, so lets take it one step at a time. Maybe you will never. ever. love pre-treating grass stains, but I promise you will fall in love with the fantastic laundry themed projects I have for you. 

All you need to make these clips by the dozen  are a few ingredients. Wooden clothespins, designer series paper, a paintbrush and liquid laminate.
To get started measure the surface of your clothespin and cut paper to size.

Use paintbrush to apply liquid laminate to pin and paper. Apply several layers to create a waterproof seal.

Yes you can use these to hang clothes! And How could that not bring a smile to your face? What a simple luxury.
Do you ever stop and breath in the scent of a freshly dried towel? I love the fluffy bulk a clean folded towel has. I use a liquid fabric softener and that makes my whole laundry room smell like a warm sunny field of lavender. Really makes me happy. Take the time to appreciate how clean soft socks wrap your feet in snug comfort {must be why the dryer steals them} So whip up a few clothespins, and get a grip. 
You can also use these clothespins for a laundry list of other household tasks such as:

  1. Hanging photos
  2. use as a decorative bag closure
  3. apply a magnet and get a grip on your grocery list
  4. use to hold paper while you heat more hot fingers
  5. a pretty clamp in your craft room
  6. keep on your desk to Corral papers
  7. keep in your car to keep track of receipts
  8. keep in your purse for coupons
  9. attach to a clipboard
  10. roll ribbon lengths using clip to secure ends
  11. give as party favor
  12. A decorative package accent
  13. fill an apothecary jar as a home accent
  14. play party games
  15. use as a place setting clip

If you would like to order this Stampin Up! razzelberry lemonade paper from me click here
If you have any questions contact me frougirl3 @
Happy creating!

Friday, May 14, 2010


Card Making is just like designing a room:

What does that mean?
 I hear many times the statements "I can't make cards like you" or "not everyone can do that"~ I feel its my absolute duty to tell you that you can. By the powers invested in me by the paper crafting and all powerful {DIY} Gurus, I will share a little secret with you. I used to feel the same way. In fact when I look back at some of my first cards. whoa....well lets just say whewwwweeee have I come a long long way :)-  I'm soooo not tooting my own horn here, I'm telling ya' I was not a wonderful "putter together-er".
that is....    Unless it was fabric, I had a natural gift for combining fabrics. So lets think about it.......

Use your natural talents to guide you:
  For me the "light bulb" came on when a friend of mine was giving me constructive {yet funny} criticism. She with eyes as wide as an 8 lane freeway, stared at my latest Frankenstein of a card and wondered out loud, "you can put any fabrics together and make them work, why can't  you do that with paper too?" ****TADA****
I'm pretty sure she was relieved to set her eyeballs free from my blunderous concoctions of paper, ribbon and ill placed embellishments.She did the universe a service trust me!

   I shifted my design style to reflect the way I would build an outfit, or design a room, with complimenting pattern, balance, and scale.Color,like the color of a room sets the tone, placement of layers like placement of furniture tells the eye where to look,  Embellishments are kind of like the decorations you adorn a room with, too many and it looks cluttered, to few and it looks cold and sparse.
 Your decorating style will be unique to you, after all diversity in all forms is the very essence of life. There is no right or wrong when it comes to what you like.This may not turn you into an overnight design star, but it will give you the confidence to try new things,  break out of the mold, and be yourself. Don't be afraid to make mistakes along then way, I still make a  total stinker from time to time, I still have a lot to learn.

 I would love to talk to you about your mishaps, disasters, and triumphs. I welcome your questions as well, we can use the comment section to have an open discussion.

Happy Creating,

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mojo Sketch 138

A sympathy card, for a dear friend of mine.  Sympathy cards are not my favorite projects to work on, I cant help but feel sad for the family. I don't want to send a sad looking card! So a wonderful springboard for a great card is a good sketch. Mojo monday to the rescue!  Following the layout really helps to get the creative juices flowing.
 I just started playing with different textures and layers... you  know I love me some layers :)  -Did a little rock and roll technique on the flowers, and my sentiment was printed from my digital studio.Truly I ended up having a good time working on it. That's an important element of creating after all. Fun, enjoyment, and discovery. Please remember that.

I'm liking how the mellow moss and perfect plum form a soothing color story, its a shame we will be bidding adieu to mellow moss at the end of this catalog, but I'm excited for all the new and updated colors to move on in! I know many of you are feeling the same way...bring on the new goodies!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sweet circuits Robot

Cuttlebug Be Inspired Challenge 83

Hello everyone meet Brobot, the friendly and ever so sweet robot. This week our cuttlebug challenge is all about kids. Fun right?
I had to get a gift ready for my nephews 4th birthday to go with his  robot card. This is what I think about on those sleepless nights...... well not robots exclusively of course, but all manner of 3D projects keep me perplexed and  chronically awake. :)

If you want to make your own robot, and if you have a soft spot for them like I do {stems from lost in space} I just adored that blinking robot protector of Will Robinson's! You will need a clear paint can from the craft store, 5/8" dowels and a handful of misc parts and pieces. His head is a tin with diamond plate embossed metal sheet. He has a strip of embossed silver card stock, and a dial cut from the "from the kitchen' cricut cartridge.

To sweeten the circuits I filled him full of silver foil wrapped kisses, for him to share with the party guests. Or to savor one at a time. I can just see this as a centerpiece, or an awesome gift package for a rolled up Shirt or Legos.One thing is for sure, it is a gift that will most likely register in the memory banks of any childhood!

Play Along with the cuttlebug crew

I hope you plan to enter this weeks challenge, and remember to enter to win a gypsy at cuttlebug challenge. Where the design team continue to inspire, share, and educate.