Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Touches at Home

I love to decorate for every holiday, and most of the time just a few little touches are all that is needed.I like to have a little something in each room. Its my way of making every member of the family feel important, and connected to the upcoming event. My girls are beyond hunting for eggs, so I decided to display favorite colored eggs in an apothecary jar. We blew out the eggs last Easter and stored them in the original egg carton for safe keeping

I have been collecting these glass bunny candy dishes for many years, I think it all started from the small collection of glass chickens my Mother had, do you remember those? I only have one pink one....the hunt continues!

I like to place them at the table, and its really a fun way to leave a message for your guests by placing a plastic fillable egg in each one with a note inside....kind of like an Easter egg fortune cookie LOL :)

This Cake pan is one of my favorite vintage finds, it stays out on display all year long. It make s a beautiful cake with shredded coconut and a bed of flowers.

In Chellas bathroom I have a vase of fresh flowers, and robbins eggs soaps. Its just a little whisper of Easter, but its a constant reminder that her space in the house is special.

Easter Ideas for Teens:
scavenger hunt {to replace egg hunt}
Gift card Easter tree
Basket of spring and summer necessities, sunglasses, flip flops, lip balm, beach towel, swimsuit, lotion, hair accessories
I would love to hear your Ideas!!! What do you do to make your family happy at Easter?

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Anonymous said...

It has a nice feeling to it. We should surround ourselves with the little splendors that makes our Spirit smile.