Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things...Red Hot Love

Happy Saturday to you all!! February 5th is national wear red day, I dutifully wore my favorite red blouse and what do you know, it inspired me to share some of my favorite "red whats hot in my world" things with you :)

Polka dot pottery {TJmaxx},
sequin heart Tee shirt..need I even explain that one?,
A red glittered butterfly{Am I too old to wear that in my hair?}
Coca Cola lunch box....I seriously LOVE my diet coke , really really passionately love it :)
{heart} this sign of love
spools of vibrant embroidery thread in shades of strawberry and crimson
Ink, Ink Ink, Ruby red is the perfect vintage shade!
This bucket sits on Chellas dresser and is filled with misc teen girl collections {I try not to look} its so fun
This amazing print with that pop of red caught my attention !
pom poms so soft and fuzzy, always steal my heart!

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