Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sweet Baby Blue

I love using things in unexpected ways, like the bella bleu paper on a baby card, or a whimsical image embossed in gold. It opens up so many possibilities for each product in your craft room. If you are like me than you have LOTS in your stash just waiting for the chance to emerge from the bottom of the drawer and be created.
I think I will make an honest attempt to use everything in my arsenal, dust off some of the long forgotten tools and neglected stamps. I will even dare to cut those beautiful ribbons and papers that have thus far been labeled "too pretty" to cut.....just think how much fun that will be.
I will even shake it up and use my digital studio!!


pam said...

I have many paper and ribbons I'm afraid to cut LOL
I need to be brave and use them! Youre card is beautiful

Robbie said...

Are we sisters?? I have more things assigned to the "do not touch" shelf than I do that I use, ha! Papers and ribbons and stuff, oh my. I totally agree with you. I must do something about my treasures! I've never thought about embossing a whimsical image. That's so me! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

SO cute!! Love this!

(-: Heidi