Saturday, January 30, 2010

A few of My Favorite Things...Make a Wish

My Birthday is Tuesday as well as my one year blog anniversary, I have a BIG surprise for you on February 2nd, until then; these are my Birthday wishes for you all.
  1. May your life be full of surprises all wrapped up in  pretty packages.
  2. I hope all your wishes come true, and you never stop believing in magic.
  3. May you be surrounded by those you love, to celebrate each of life's precious moments.
  4. I hope you have have a bag of tricks to get you through life's sticky situations.
  5. I wish for you to always enjoy the thrill of the hunt...for me its cake plates and bowls.{and STAMPS}
  6. I hope you can have your cake and eat it too {hehehe} ...forget the cake I love the frosting!!
  7. I hope you have a long and happy creative life my friends. {the senator a 3500 year old cypress tree in Longwood Fl.} 


Robbie said...

Here's wishing you a beautiful, wonderful birthday full of cake plates and icing with candles on top!!

Turnedgypsy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON TUESDAY. Thanks for sharing with us.

I want to say your craft room is great. My hubby is getting this beautiful desk from (store) in March for my birthday. I really want to get some ideas from your room.