Friday, January 15, 2010

Are you smiling?

Can you celebrate with me as I do the "happy dance" we are officially braces free! Now don't get me wrong we adore our orthodontist, and the entire staff. They are like old friends after all these years, and I just had to give them a little something to say thank you. Doc. as everyone calls him has a fab sense of humor. I knew when I found an ice tray mold of teeth......... exactly what I would do with it!
If you have had any experience with braces, you know that they take plaster impressions of every patients teeth, so I made them a chocolate version of the toothy impressions. These were a big hit...with the staff and the patients, talk about a room full of perfect smiles!!
Thanks Doc. for the beautiful smiles I see on my girls faces each and every day! Worth every penny....lots and lots of pennies.

Did you know that 90% off ALL New Years resolutions are broken by the 14th of January? How about you, are you still resolved? Me? Oh , my fearless resolution
is still in full effect. For Chellas' birthday we went to Universal studios and I rode the new rockit coaster.
65MPH, 17 stories tall, and a record breaking loop...yeah I'm a coaster chick {not} I'm a chicken! so I was fearless, and I got on despite my better judgement. What good old fashioned make your heart stop fun !!So I kept on riding , and ended up with roller coaster hangover the next day :)

We of course had some silly Birthday fun. What family day would be complete without it?

Chella and her friend had a blast, and took over 375 photos! I think little miss "haute couture" may have a future as a photographer.

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Shantaie said...

I just recieved a Thank You card from Doc. and he took the chocolate smiles to a dentist conference, they were a BIG hit!