Thursday, December 17, 2009

Necessity IS the Mother of Invention

Its so true don't you think? As the crafty girl I am {or at least aim to be} I find that when I can't find what I'm looking for I always end up making it. Necessity is the reason we try new things, broaden our horizons if you will. That brings me to today's project....a sonic the hedgehog ornament.

My daughter is a self proclaimed "Sonic obsessed" gamer, this cute little hedgehog and all around bundle of energy while popular with the game crowd, is NOT widely available on retail merchandise.
The one thing she really wants is a sonic ornament, so I made one....yep I'm the "best Mom ever" {for today} I'm sure that title will be short lived, I will do some random horrific thing like serve meatloaf for dinner and be knocked back down to the ranking of "queen of vile cuisine" Oh well I will revel in my glory for now :)

How to make an ornament like this one:
find an online coloring page, edit to size in your photo software, I chose a wallet size.
print on acetate, and while still wet sprinkle{quickly} with black embossing powder and emboss
cut out circle to size that will fit into globe, and color with sharpies, and sakura gel pens.
pour glitter in globe, punch small hole in top of acetate circle and tie silver cording .
roll acetate tightly {after its dry} and slip into top of ornament, secure top and enjoy!!

Don't forget to check out cuttlebug challenge blog every day for our fantastic....not to be missed 12 days of Christmas inspiration!

Happy Creating...Lots of Holiday Joy to you and yours!

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