Monday, December 14, 2009

How Sweet it is

To finally be on Holiday break, is ahhhh so sweet. Well yes we do have one more week of school before the house will be overrun with teenage girls, video game marathons, and multiple trips to the mall. I need a little Christmas now! Chella and I took a trip to gingerbread lane after school today. What an amazing talent this gingerbread artist has. This Harry Potter themed house took first place, and its no wonder. The roof is made of gum, and each one is perfectly placed.
This is one of my personal favorites, it was in the "youth" category...really? Its gorgeous with such lovely candy glass windows.

This beauty is all lit up, look at those brick pavers!! The handmade wreaths are precious, I want to go to a party at this house!

If I could be a candy girl in a candy house, I would live here!

Now this is my kind of candy land!
We had so much fun ohhhing and awwwing over each roof and fence,every silly snowman, and lopsided tree, it was a great little afternoon trip. I love those rare and perfect moments when she is still my little girl, when the laughter and conversation is easy, it is those simple moments that make all the hormone ravaged moody teen aged days just disappear.......How sweet it is

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