Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fifteen in 15

My Chella will be Fifteen in 15 short days. How will I survive yet another teenage girl driver?

We went to the department of motor vehicles today to pick up the handbook for her to study. Then we made a stop at the best and most adorable bakery for a pre-birthday treat. Yummy!
The bakery is just the most delightfully decorated little spot ever. They designed every detail to please the senses, with eye candy everywhere, the scent of sugar in the air, and the most charming sitting area. While she was chattering away and nibbling on her blueberry scone, I was holding onto the last few precious days I have...Until the driving lessons begin {sigh}

Oh blissful brownie cupcakes, and divine cream cheese frosted carrot cake .....take me away!

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Meda said...

Wow! the sitting spot is truly amazing. Good luck with your new driver to be.