Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Anatomy of a Christmas Card

Finally I have chosen a design, a color combination,and a theme , thus my family Christmas Cards for 2009 are a reality.
What is the anatomy of a Christmas card? With literally endless design possibilities it was so hard for me to plan {and stick to that plan} my cards. I was sure I would instantly change my mind ...as I am sooo fickle sometimes, seriously there are millions of beautiful ribbons and papers and don't even get me started about embellishments *swoon* I LOVE them all!!
How is a girl supposed to settle down and make "the" card that will be whisked away by the mail carrier and stuffed into the mailboxes of our loved ones forever to be treasured! {I hope} after ALL of that time of flip flopping back and forth like a goldfish out of water ,about what card to make that my handmade beauty will be placed on a glittered pedestal :) Go ahead and laugh, but you all feel the same way about your cards and you know it!! LOL

This is my final product,{sort of} I did add stitching to the snowflake panels. its by far not the most elaborate, or fabulous card I have ever made, but I did keep in mind that I needed to mass produce...and actually mail them *wink*
so here they are...made from paper and velvet ribbon, and satiny paper. my Christmas cards, different from anyone else's,unique and imperfect and special because I made them for the people I love.


Anonymous said...

Your cards are treasures Shantaie...
I did say that this Year I would be super organised and have all mine done!!!!!
Nope def not happened again now Im rushing like a blue arse fly trying to get through the mounds,...lol....
Havea lovely Thursday:)x

Jenn K said...

So Beautiful! Anyone would be lucky to receive one of your beauties!!

Rosanne said...

These are so pretty! Love your snowman below too!

Linda Brun said...

Clean, simple and elegant look on your card.
Clever to make them all in one design... Have to remember that next year... LOL