Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Putting it All Together Brookes Pinkalicious Birthday

The Magical Pinkalicious Birthday party was fun and beautiful, and like so many Birthday parties.... had a few pink speed bumps along the way! I will tell you all the hours stamping and cutting and glueing pom poms on cupcakes, was so worth it when I walked in the door and she came running "Aunt Shantaie Thank you so much"    {awwww} so sweet!
  It seems more like 400 years rather that the 4 short years it has been, that she came into this world far too soon and far too small. Its such a victory and a miracle that we are celebrating the day she was born! I have forever been changed by the journey of my friend, and her daughter will always own a piece of my heart.

This favorite book features a fondness for pink cupcakes! Of course the party had to have a big pink cupcake as well! I was still decorating the cake as guests were arriving... no one seemed to mind :) they were just so darned happy to see the cupcake from the story come to life...and they got to EAT it {yummy}

We had so much fun trying to get everyone to look at the camera and "pose" with their party hats on, well that was just about as easy as saying pinkalicious is delicious 3 times fast...in short it couldnt be done *sigh*

Look at the little guy being so good and patient...like come on girls, lets do this :)

Well I have to say he is a doll in that towering party hat!!

I think she is a "pinkaholic" in the making! If I decide to go into the party hat business these two can definately model for me..they look so happy!!

I made these cookies for the party...check out that royal icing cupcake on the cookie ...hey I'm getting pretty OK at the cookie decorating if I do say so myself. I only had one cookie, but I sure do wish I had stashed some at home I have a sweet tooth the size of Montana right now *wink*

The party blowers were a HUGE hit..much to the dismay of the grown ups LOL it was a noisy afair to say the least. That is until Aunt "Bar Bar" invented a song for them to toot to...she is my hero!!

The candle goes out and smoke curls in the air, and her wish? To jump out of that chair and rip open presents! Oh the pile of pink boxes and bags were calling her name, it was such a joy for me to watch her eyes light up each time the gift was unwrapped...then on to the next!

thanks for taking the "pinkalicious" trip with me all throughout the month of September, if you missed anything check these posts:
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Tricia said...

Shantaie what a wonderful party you threw! I love those cookies and the cupcake cake ROCKS! Who knew you were so clever/???!!!! I do now!

Cat said...

What a fabulous party! You would make a great party planner! Those cookies look professional!

csroyal said...

Oh my gosh, Shantaie! It all looks so fabulous (and pink)!! She will remember this party forever!

Anonymous said...

Oh My Shantaie...
Absolutly stunning Party craetions..I must say those cookies and that gorg cake are flamin `beautiful` way to go ...all that hard work payed off ..The girls faces(and boys) say it all...PERFECT!!!!!!
Happy Belated B`day to dear Brooke TFS:)xxx

Nicole Feliciano said...

I love it! I included this in my birthday party theme post here:


I gave you credit and a link.